How to Update Minecraft Server?

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Are you a Minecraft lover? If yes, you must know about all the related aspects to experience great gameplay. If you want to play the game without facing any major trouble, you must know its server. Servers are very important to deal with all the online tasks, whether it is a game or any other task. It is important to update your game’s server to get ether latest version of it.

Make sure when you opt for this tutorial, then try to grab some details about where the quarry is on GTA 5. It will help you know about quarry in advance when you face this element in the game, so it will be great to consider this link. Once you update your server, then you can easily play a wonderful game without facing any trouble in between.

Update Minecraft Server

Different versions of the game include different features and game controls, so when you opt for the game’s server update, then make sure that you are aware of its version. If you want to know how to update the Minecraft server, you can stay connected and pay attention to the following details. It will help you to know about the game and a solution to your query.

Minecraft Server Updating Tutorial

  • For updating your game’s server, you need to open the server folder first, which contains all the server files.
  • After opening the server folder, then you have to create backups for your important files so that if any file gets deleted, then it can be recovered.
  • Then you have to copy your “World” folder as it will help you to access your saved file and will allow you to have fewer risks while dealing with it. Then try to copy your start script of the batch file to use it for updating the server quickly.
  • After copying everything from the folder, you have to empty the folder and delete everything. Then download the new server file from as it will help you get your game’s server updated and help you have the best experience.
  • Then copy the entire new server file into your Minecraft folder as it will help you keep it safe if anything happens to the folder.
  • Finally, you have to rename the server file, run it to check it, close the server, and restore all the backed-up files you have deleted.
  • Then open the Eula. The text file and start your updated server have the best experience with all the latest features and a smooth-running game.


Finally, when you complete reading the above points, you can easily learn how to update the Minecraft server. Try to understand the importance of the army base in GTA 5, so try to understand where the army base is on GTA 5 so that you won’t face any difficulty finding them. Grabbing information about something is better than having no details about the games, so that you should opt for learning new things.

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