How to Use a Cartography Table in Minecraft?

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The cartography table is a utility block normally found in villages and the buildings present in the villages. You can craft this item with the help of a crafting table as it is a wooden block and can be used to keep and store items. Before preparing various things, you must be aware of making a repeater in Minecraft as it will help you double the items by repeating the process.

A proper piece of understanding about the game can help you to be attentive and careful while dealing with some basic elements. Cartography table can be used for various purposes, so it is better to consider all the related information to understand its usage process. This table helps the players to copy any page or map-like substance so that you can have a duplicate copy and reduce the risk of any misplacing of the items.

Use a Cartography Table in Minecraft

You must know about this table properly if you want to use it and copy the items for your safety of losing it. Once you lose the item, then it became difficult for you to get it back, so it is better to have a duplicate copy of that.

Cartography Table Usage Tutorial

  • This table can be used to copy, enlarge, or lock a map, which can help you safely use the map with proper safety and security. With this table’s help, you can enlarge the map by combining an existing map with a piece of paper in the cartography table. You must know about this table well so that you can have a safe usage with proper understanding.
  • You can copy a map by placing it into the table with an empty map and locked in its current state so that it won’t get changed. If you place the map in the table with a glass pane, then there are chances of getting changed, and if you lock it, it will remain in its actual state. It is crucial to know about all the three aspects of the table, which can help you copy, lock, and enlarge the map.
  • Cartography tables can be used in zooming in, cloning, and expanding maps, and you must remember this thing so that you can use it for maps. If a village has this table but not any cartographer, then any nearby villager can use that place and use that table as a cartographer. Along with this usage process, you must also understand the importance of how to make a TNT Cannon in Minecraft. It will help you blast anywhere in the game, especially at places where you cannot go due to any blockage.

Wrap It Up

When you consider the above information, you will understand the entire process of using a cartography table and its reason. It will also help you know why you should learn other aspects of the game to have safe gameplay. Once you get connected with the information, you can easily learn how to copy, enlarge, and lock the map.

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