How to use a Controller on Call of Duty Mobile?

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Most of the players prefer to play games on mobile but to have some change in their experiences they opt to find for new ways. Using a controller on the mobile version of Call of Duty is such a unique and brilliant idea. It can help the players to have a new experience on their mobile phones itself and also allows them to use a controller. Some players are comfortable on mobile phones, but they face some problems due to the small screen.

use a Controller on Call of Duty Mobile

There are various types of controllers available for playing on various devices, but for the mobile version, PS4 or Xbox One controllers are eligible to play. Players can use these two controllers for playing Call of Duty on their mobile phones with the help of a controller. Most of the players get excited after knowing about the controllers for mobile as they are waiting for this feature for a long time. The problem is that some players don’t know how to use a controller on the Call of Duty mobile.

There is no need to worry about this issue, as there are some ways to help you get rid of your query and help you solve it as soon as possible. 

Ways to Use the Controller (Xbox One or PS4)

  • Call of Duty Mobile has Controller Options in Settings – Most of the games have controller options in the game settings, which helps the players to have a way to connect the controller with the device. After visiting the game settings, the players can tap in the top right corner icon, which is present on the screen.
  • Watch the “Key Description” Page First – Activision Support helps the players to have a touch screen option to control the various aspects of the game. The key description page helps the players to get the knowledge about the various keys which can be used to connect the controller with the device.
  • Opt for Opening the Settings Tab in the Controller Menu to Enable It – After the key description, you need to visit the controller’s menu and click on the enable button. It will help you start the controller’s process with the device and help you start playing the game on mobile with its help.
  • Each Mode has its Controller Sensitivity Options – There are different modes present in the game, and each mode has its unique controller as per its sensitivity. It helps to manage the controller to work well with the mobile version after pairing both the devices.


When the players tend to connect the controller with the Call of Duty mobile, then they might face various issues related to its functions. It’s important for the players to play the mobile version with these two controllers as the developers have said that they will bring out the various new controllers. In the current scenario, you have to play Call of Duty mobile with PS4 or Xbox One controllers.

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