How to use Emotes in League of Legends?

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There are so many games present, but one of the most famous out of them is the League of Legends. It is basically a strategy based game that includes two teams along with five champions in each. This game allows the teams to select their best champions out of a total of 140 champions. The champions which are present in this game are the central part of the game, which only helps their teams to win or lose the match. 

In League of Legends, there are so many features available that help to make this game more interesting and entertaining. Emotes are the small stickers that allow us to express one’s feelings and tells the various emotions. Players should always remember to learn all the different essential aspects of the game. It is very important to use emotes in this game so that players can communicate with each other with their medium. You should always learn how to use emotes in this game.

use Emotes in League of Legends

If you are interested to learn various important aspects of this game, then you should consider this article for that. It will help you out to know multiple steps that can help you to use emotes.


  • It’s not hard to use emotes in this game; you need to go to the collection in the main lobby, and from there, you can use it.
  • From there, you have to click on emotes and choose the right emotes which you want to use from the current ones. After you are done with choosing, you have to drag emote from 1 out of 4 wheels; then you are ready to play.
  • If your match gets loaded up and then you need to use the T for opening emotes on the same page, and from there, you can select one. This process may only take half or two seconds to open emotes.
  • If you have various leys on your mouse, then you should select the one for opening emotes as it becomes hard for you to press T for long.
  • Emotes can help you to share your inner feelings, such as laughing, anger, etc. These emot6es helps you to make your game into a more interesting and entertaining one.
  • There are two of the most famous emotes which are present among all these emotes. At the time of selecting emotes, there two options come that are “start” and “victory.”
  • Emotes start to play automatically whenever you start the game, and it helps you to share your start and victory with the other team.
  • You can easily choose any of emotes to make your team feel proud if you are continuously winning the match. It helps you to have more confidence and motivations while playing the game and lead you to have more benefits.

Final Verdict

The steps mentioned above are the best to guide you about how to use emotes in League of Legends. If you don’t have knowledge about how to use emotes, then you should consider the above points.

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