How to Vault in PUBG?

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Vault is one of the most important survival skills in PUBG, which helps the players to survive in the game. It helps you to save your time from getting wasted by walking or running around a wall. Vaulting is basically jumping from a wall, which helps the player to escape from any place faster. In this game, the vault is a necessary process if a player wants to live for the long term. Players can easily vault in this game if they learn the basic steps.

Vault in PUBG

There are different places where a player needs to vault and keep themselves safe from other players. It is essential for the players to know how to vault do that they can lead a safe life in the game. For each and every player of PUBG vault is essentials as it helps them to run faster and jump across the various walls. You should keep all the crucial knowledge about PUBG if you want to play it and want to survive for the long term in it. 

If you want to learn the basic steps of vaulting, then you can consider this article. It will help you to know about some various aspects of the game and vaulting process.

Steps to Vault

  • The first thing that you have to do for vaulting is to run towards the wall at high speed so that your balance gets maintained.
  • Next, you have to hit the jump with the space bar of your PC, which helps you to vault properly from one wall to another. You should keep in mind that for vaulting, you have to make a constant speed and jump when you reach close to the wall.
  • Then you have to keep on holding the down jump until you reach the floor and move towards your next step. Holding the key can help you to reach safely and properly to the floor.

You follow these steps if you want to vault properly without getting hurt or any injury. It will make you feel relaxed after you jump from the wall and provide relief to you that you run far from your enemy. Vaulting can help you to save your life and lead a long run life in PUBG and also makes your life free of enemies for some time.

You have to remember one thing that you can only vault those objects which have a height of 1.5x. You can only vault by your legs as you can’t use any vehicle to the vault. There should be some space on the objects on which you vault so that you can stand over it properly and won’t get any injury.

Wrap It Up

The steps mentioned above are the best to help you to know about how to vault in PUBG. It also helps you to know when to vault and at how much height you can jump and vault. Players should follow these steps so that they can learn to vault and trounce their enemies.

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