How to whisper on twitch?

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A twitch is a very good platform for those who love to play different sports live. It helps to provide various benefits and profits, such as coins, rewards, etc. Most people love to whisper on twitch and don’t know how to do that. Whisper on twitch means messaging someone secretly without showing it to others. It helps you to send a private message to that person with whom you want to talk personally.

Whisper allows you to chat, message, make new friends, followers, and many more just with its help. When you whisper to someone, then it will show to their screen whether they are using the same page or not. It helps to make people read your message; only the thing matters is that they should be online. The best advantage of it is that the person whom you are messaging to is able to see your conversation.

whisper on twitch

Many people don’t know how to whisper on twitch, so here is some of the guidance for them. There are two versions of whisper that are –

  • Desktop Version
  • Mobile version

Desktop Version

If you are using a computer, then you need to open the twitch page, and then you need to decide whether you want to whisper the old friend or the new one.  For this, you need to follow some whisper commands.  If you are watching a stream and want to talk to a streamer, here are some points –

  • The first step is to click on the player’s name and select the name with whom you want to whisper.
  • Next, you need to click on the whisper button, which helps you to send a request or whisper to the person.
  • And in last you need to start typing your message, which you want to convey to the person.

If you want to whisper to a normal friend or a viewer, here are some points –

  • Firstly you need to open the chat.
  • Then you need to type “/w.”
  • Press the spacebar
  • Then start typing the name of your fans or the viewer.
  • Select the name
  • Then again press the spacebar
  • And then start typing your message.

Mobile Version

If you have a twitch app on your mobile phone, then you can whisper from there also. You need to follow some of the steps which will help you to whisper. If you want to talk to the person who is already active on the page then here are some points –

  • First, you need to tap on the name of the person whom you want to whisper.
  • Then a dialogue box will get open; there you have to press the whisper button.
  • And last you have to start typing.


The points mentioned above can easily help you out in how to whisper on twitch, whether it’s a desktop version or a mobile one.  If you want to learn better, then you should consider the above points.

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