How To Win In Apex Legends (Part 1)

More than 25 million people have already played the famous Battle Royale title, Apex Legends. However, not all of them have felt the taste of victory in the “royal battle”. Once on the battlefield for the first time, it is very easy to get lost and become easy prey for experienced players. We will provide some tips on what you shouldn’t forget in the heat of battle and how to get your hands on the cherished first place.

Choosing the correct landing spot

In Apex Legends, there are two starting zones. One zone has an increased chance of dropping good loot – a random “Hot Zone”, highlighted by a blue glow and a moving ship with supplies. It is in this zone where the hottest fight will begin. It will be a wise choice to weigh the pros and cons. Inexperienced players should choose more distant points, keeping in mind that you might completely remain without loot here, but only if you land on the field without entering a single building.

Apex Legends Win

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The landing system allows the team to split before landing, and it is advised not to land in the same house as there will not be enough weapons for everyone. In this case, you shouldn’t go too far from the team, helping to ensure you won’t be taken by surprise by the opponents from the neighboring camp. It is better to look out for unwelcome guests on the way to the point.

Find the weapons first

If another team lands with you, they will have to fight back. First-aid kits and shield generators will not help in battles during the first minutes. Any pistol will give an advantage over an opponent who has thought about the choice of perks. The rest of the loot can be safely claimed as soon as the enemies are defeated.

Apex Legends

Credits: Respawn Entertainment

If there is an unnecessary perk in the capsule then offer it to your partners; you shouldn’t carry items that are useless at the moment. An exception can be made only for unique boosts such as Precision Choke or Turbo Charger since these are the items which transform the corresponding weapons.

Go in as a team

In Apex Legends there are no modes for singles and duos. Sometimes you will have to play with teammates who are quite new to the world of Battle Royale but, fortunately, the destination tagging system allows you to quickly explain to your partners your destination. It also helps to go further or indicate the position of your opponents, a tactic that should be used even in the company of friends.

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In Apex Legends, it is quite difficult to play aggressively, e.g. destroying an entire squad alone is very challenging. Fighters with full armor can withstand the damage from a whole cartridge of some types of weapons. Everything becomes easier if you kill opponents along with teammates. In addition, dead team members can be revived only if you have time to collect their tokens, otherwise it is you against the world.

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