How To Win In Apex Legends (Part 2)

Gather knowledge of the weapons and learn their strengths

Each gun has different damage, mode, and rate of fire, as well as the number of slots for improvements. You can try the whole arsenal of Apex Legends in training. You don’t have to check the spread of bullets in the game by luring opponents.

Most perks simply reduce the spread and increase the size of the cartridge. Some elements allow you to charge the Triple Effect while the Peacemaker increases the acceleration of Devotion, or switch the Bloodhound modes. All this can and should influence the choice of weapons in the later stages.

Apex Legends

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The ability of the heroes can help you a lot

There are currently eight characters in Apex Legends with a unique set of skills. Each of them can be useful: the lure of the Mirage will distract opponents. The point to note here is that it doesn’t matter what kind of heroes got into your team if you use their advantages to the maximum.

Move as fast as you can. Initially, all Apex Legends characters, even Gibraltar and Caustic move at the same speed. In this case, the character runs much faster if it does not have weapons in his hands. Even a small acceleration is useful when the team is outside the safe zone.

Apex Legends character

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Mounted and vertical ziplines will also help to return to the circle. In addition, the Ultimate of Bloodhound and Rafe give additional speed. The last way to accelerate is obstacles. They are best used when descending from hills, mountains or long stairs. If you are pressed to the edge of a cliff, jump without thinking, as there is no damage from falling.

Never be scared to start a fight

At the same time, do not let your guard down. If you notice opponents, do not open fire immediately. Wait for teammates and inspect the location: it is quite possible that there is another team nearby that may interfere with you.

In combat, use all available means: do not forget about grenades, abilities and melee attacks. A fist punch deals 30 damage that can be enough to finish off a wounded enemy. The best way to finish off the enemy is to destroy his entire team. Do not attempt to execute an opponent if his/her two partners are close.

Win In Apex legends

Credits: Respawn Entertainment

Don’t play as a hero in a movie

Do not chase after stylish kills if your goal is to win. In Apex Legends, there are plenty of opportunities to stylishly do away with the enemy: Finishing in hand-to-hand combat after a jump from a height or getting a kill in the Scorpion style from Mortal Kombat of Pathfinder. All this will not add points in the final table and will not bring you victory.

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