Is eSports in the Olympics Next Years? Let’s Learn the Important Details

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The gaming world is touching the sky with intense Battle Royale games and hard to compete with AI gameplay. eSports is becoming the most popular industry, and gamers are investing a hefty amount of time competing against each other and trying to win.

If you also love playing such games then you may be wondering whether eSports is going to be in next year’s Olympics or not? Well, it is a hot topic, and most of the sources claim that it is going to happen pretty soon. Intel and International Olympic Committee have announced that the Intel World Open eSports competition is going to happen soon.

The primary questions are when is it going to happen? What to expect? And how to get selected for the upcoming events. Let’s get the answer to each question, which is popping up into your mind.

When This Event Will Occur?

According to sources, the International Olympic Committee and Intel announced the date of the first competitive gaming event that is going to happen pretty soon. They named this event as Intel World Open eSports competition, and it is going to be held on July 22-24, 2020. These days of the event are ahead of the 2020 summer Olympics in Tokyo. It is going to kick off on July 24.

Just like other games in the Olympics, this event is based on several aspects of gamers. Even many people have the question of which game will be in the Olympics, and it is not announced yet, but sources claim that chances of getting Battle Royale and FPS games are higher in the Olympics. It is also dependent on the organization of the event and several other factors.

What Be Will the Prize Pool?

It is announced that there will be plenty of eSports games to play, and a number of gamers will participate here. The winner of the game will get a $250,000 prize pool, which is a pretty good amount as you look at other games’ prizes. The amount might change in the next year’s Olympics, but it will be the same for this year’s events.

It is also confirmed that all these events are based on the skills of the gamers instead of checking out the survival skills. Many qualities will be considered before getting you into the Olympics, and many countries are participating in the same. So, if you are also willing to participate, then you can check out the form for participation.


Getting selected for this event seems like a tough job because there are live events on the dedicated website, according to intel, that you have to compete. It will decide whether you are skilled enough to participate in the event. There are plenty of events that are about to unleash, but this one has events that are hard to tackle. Interested gamers can get prepared with their strategies to try out the upcoming events because 2020 is gonna be a big year for the gamer society.

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