Is Minecraft Going to Shut Down?

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Minecraft has gained such great popularity throughout the past few years. It made players feel so attached to the game, which creates a curiosity in the people to wait for the new version. But when the news of Minecraft shutting down came out, it made people feel so sad and depressed that they started crying. The people who are attached to this game seems to be depressed and sad.

Before getting into this news, you must know how to zoom in Minecraft to help you go through the news with proper details. Try to have a clear view of all the aspects of the game so that you won’t face any problem and enhance your knowledge. Once you get close to the game, it will help you enhance your understanding of it with all the necessary information.

Is Minecraft Going to Shut Down

Usually, players feel relaxed and comfortable while playing Minecraft, but the news of its shutting down made people uncomfortable. Here is some information mentioned below, which can help you know whether this news is real or fake. Try to consider the news with proper concertation to get to know about the concept easily.

Shutting Down Details

  • When the news of Minecraft shut down came out, most of the players felt so bad and heartbroken, making some of them depressed. But according to a story on Twitter called Channel 45 News, Mojang announced that Minecraft would soon shut down its servers.
  • The date of shutting down will be 21st December 2020, which created a lousy environment all around. The news made so many people face those experiences, which made them suffer a lot.
  • But if you follow the link mentioned on the page will help you to know that link is entirely filled with pranks, and this news is also created from there. Some players tried to have fun by creating this news and made other players sad, which leads this news to social media and too many other sites.
  • When Google saw this news, it published it and made it seem to be a piece of real news. The news when got published on Google, then all the people find it true and started thinking that the game will shut down soon.
  • After knowing the truth about the news that it’s fake, you must pay attention to how to use the shield in Minecraft. It will help you get some help by having a shield with all the safety measures when you get into any fight.
  • It would be best to consider the news with all your attention so that you can easily understand it and get rid of this fake news.


When you are done with all the above information, you can understand that the news is fake and is to make you worried. Try to be attentive while considering the above points to effortlessly understand it and get rid of this fake news tension. The game is not going to shut down until any official announcement is made, so stay tense-free.

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