Is Respawn Teasing An Upcoming Character in Apex Legends?


Apex Legends players have always remained hungry for new content since the game’s debut in February. Although developer Respawn has added a lot of exciting new content to the game over the past months, they are still slow when it comes to adding new characters. Since the game was released, only three new characters have been added to the game. Octane was added with season 1, Wattson was added with the next one, and finally Crypto arrived with the third season. However, it seems like the developers are now teasing another character that could arrive soon in the game.

Apex Legends

Respawn Entertainment is well known for teasing their fans before adding new content. They have a habit of adding unique teasers and then allowing players to discover what they are. And now, players believe that they have discovered a new teaser that is linked with an upcoming character.

New Mini-Map Teaser

Recently, on Reddit, a player posted a video in which he revealed how his mini-map displayed the message of “RADAR JAMMED” in the middle of his game. Although the message flashed away as soon as it appeared, it still has left almost every fan confused. At the moment, everyone believes that Respawn is teasing another legend who will have the ability to block enemy radars.

Mini-map jammed for no reason. Might be a teaser for new legend from ApexLore

Respawn teases fans with such stuff before adding new legends to the game. Before Crypto was added, players found some of his equipment such as his laptop on the map. In addition to this, the Repulsor Tower was also hacked and destroyed, something which indicated the arrival of the hacking master. If the same is being followed again, then the developers are teasing a legend who will have the ability to jam the radar of his enemies. However, it is yet to be known who this legend is going to be.

Who Will Be The Next Legend?

Over the past few months, a total of 15 legends have been leaked who are going to get added to the game at some point. Data miners were also able to discover the abilities of the majority of them. Considering some things, a legend named Rosie could be the next character of Apex Legends. The reason behind this is the fact that she is rumored to have an ability to jam radars. Other than her, no character seems to possess such power.

Apex Legends

Although Respawn has been adding one character each season, some leaks are suggesting that we are going to see multiple characters this season. This means that Crypto isn’t going to be the only character players are going to enjoy in the third season. However, it still remains a mystery who the next character will be. Although Rosie can be the next one considering her abilities and the latest teaser, many believe that Revenant is going to arrive soon. This is because this legend recently made an appearance in the fight or fright event. In any case, fans will surely love the game even more if another character is added to the game this season.

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