JonnyK Gets Banned In Fortnite!

Professional player Jonathan ‘JonnyK’ Kosmala is now banned from the Fortnite Battle Royale. The reason behind the ban is buying and installing illegal programs. The pro player was exposed by the channel “The Fortnite Guy” on YouTube. The channel posted a video where JonnyK is purchasing the software for the qualifiers of the World Cup. The representative of Team Kaliber had his account banned from Battle Royale. The club also terminated JonnyK’s contract.

The cheat that JonnyK intended to use enabled him to observe his opponents through walls and buildings. It is worth noting that the player was part of Team Kaliber since August 2018. Upon learning about the player’s misconduct. The organization dismissed him promptly and claimed that it was a serious violation. Team Kaliber also apologized the fans on the social networks.

Cheater Caught!

The evidence offered in the video has left no excuse for the player to defend himself. In the video, we can see a conversation between the player and the alleged cheat trader. In it, JonnyK (under the pseudonym of Bigboy to remain anonymous) tries to buy a cheat known as ESP.

In the video. JonnyK also says that he looking for an edge over the other participants in the qualifiers. He asks several times if the cheating will be detectable, and it looks like he’s trying to keep his identity a secret. Later, the video shows screenshots of the PayPal payment and a recording of the conversation between the player and the seller.

Team Kaliber Response

Team Kaliber ran some voice recognition test to be sure that JonnyK was guilty. Unfortunately test test results were positive. After checking, the team expelled him immediately and made a statement on Twitter. In their tweet, they claim to be shocked by the event and have ended their relationship with him. In fact, the player has deactivated all of his social network accounts. He is still yet to make an official statement regarding the incident. What do you think of the measures that have been taken against him?

The qualifiers of the The Fortnite World Cup 2019 kicked off on April 13th. The grand final is scheduled to take place on July 28 in New York, United States. According to Epic Games, in addition to the weekly awards of US $ 1 million in the qualifiers. The competition will also distribute US $ 30 million in prizes.

New Patch

Fortnite is a game that unites the modes: Battle Royale, Save the World and a Creative Mode. The title is available for download on PC, PS4 , Xbox One , Nintendo Switch and Fortnite Mobile for Android and iPhone ( iOS ). Recently, patch 8.40 was released, which includes several updates. The patch includes some bug fixes, a couple of new Game Modes and some changes to the Creator Mode.

We have covered everything in the following article so you don’t have to waste your precious time reading the notes.

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