Keen Gaming Wins ESL Mumbai 2019

The Chinese side reigned supreme last night in India as they won the ESL Mumbai 2019. Keen showed a solid performance in the competition and outplayed MIneski in the final. The team should be happy after claiming the trophy and winning $135,000. Meanwhile Mineski didn’t go empty handed as they got $ 70,000 for finishing at 2nd place.

The ESL Mumbai 2010 was not included in the DPC circuit. So there weren’t any qualifying points on the line. Yet one thing’s for sure after this competition that, Keen is a now a strong contender for the Paris Major. The last ESL event before the TI is the ESL One Birmingham 2019.

Road to first place

Keen had a solid started in the ESL. In the group phase the team didn’t dropped a single map, beating Mineski and Indian side Signify, 2-0. But they fell short in the first game of the playoffs as they were defeated 2-1, by Natus Vincere. Now the team had the pleasure of facing another CIS team, Pango. If Mineski lost this encounter then they were surely eliminated. Yet they won the game 2-0.

After their win again Pango, Keen faced one of the title contenders, TNC Predator. Eventually the team won the best of three series 2-0. They did take their time to beat TNC as the first game lasted for 54 minutes. While they sealed the quarterfinal win by beating the SEA team after 40 minutes of play. In the semifinal, they again beat Na’Vi who knocked Keen to the lower bracket. Yet, Keen was having none of it and demolished Na’Vi 2-0.

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Dream come true

The grand finale was one of the least exciting games of the competition. Since Keen completely outplayed Mineski. The SEA team was previously demolished by the Chinese in the group stage and things looked the same in the finale. Since, Mineski was completely out drafted in all three games and Keen triumphed with a 3-0 victory.

Keen has been a decent team in the 2018-2019 season as the team currently occupies 8th place. Looking at how things are going it is fair to say that they will qualify for the TI finals. We should say that it was unfortunate that ESL was not part of the DPC. If it was then the Chinese will surely have secured the ticket to China. We will see Keen in action in the upcoming weeks at the MDL Disneyland® Paris Major. If the team manages to squeeze into the top ten ranks then they won’t have to worry about anything.

Febby Gets a Mercedes

Kim “Febby” Yong-min was the MVP of the ESL Mumbai 2019. Apart from the trophy, he got a new Mercedes car. Febby was only playing as a substitute, since one of the players had Visa issues. Nonetheless, hr deserves this prestigious car and should start looking for a new team. Since he is a quality player and we will love to see him compete in China.

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