Korean streamers banned for broadcasting in lingerie

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An interesting scandal took place on Twitch on 18th August: Four Korean models streamed in their underwear for more than five hours, which attracted the attention of the western community. The broadcast attracted a peak of 27 thousand spectators. After a few hours, the accounts of all streamers were banned by the platform. Let’s have a comprehensive look on the scandal.

What kind of stream?

In the fall of 2018, Twitch streaming service opened the Just Chatting category. In this category you can conduct non-game broadcasts and just chat with viewers. This is what the sooflower model was doing with three friends (addielyn9, chobiman0125 and damicos). But there was one catch, they spent the whole stream in their lingerie.

The girls bathed in the pool, arranged a photo shoot and talked with the audience, while changing outfits. During the whole broadcast, they periodically made erotic poses, and at some point climbed into the shower stall and leaned against the glass with their breasts. The number of spectators expectedly grew and grew. Five hours later, the Twitch administration decided that it was time to stop it, and banned the accounts of each of the models.

Why were they banned?

Twitch rules prohibit sexually explicit material or activities, although in some cases the platform permits the broadcasting of such content, but only for “educational purposes or in the case of pre-approved licensing.” Korean models didn’t fall under any of these conditions.

Nothing surprising happened: Twitch administrators constantly block channels in similar situations. For example, in April, streamer Ahrilove jokingly turned on the phone in vibration mode and began to parody the masturbation process, for which she received a 24-hour ban. Korean models were banned because Twitch considered their poses to be too explicit.

How did you react to this and what will happen next?

Opinions, as usual, were divided. For example, the streamer Trainwreckstv called the broadcast “absolutely shameless”. Meanwhile an esports journalist Slasher stated that he had nothing against the girls, since the platform “created even greater indecency”.It should be noted that the number of viewers, in particular, was influenced by the policy of the South Korean authorities who ban porn sites in the country. Twitch and similar streams are one of the alternatives for the country’s residents.

Twitch reacted to the stream quite casually. There is no reason to believe that the company’s policy regarding such broadcasts will somehow change. At the time of this writing, we know that the platform has banned them for three days.

Strange world of Twitch

In June, cosplayer Belle Delfin starting selling her bath water! This is not a joke, the girl really invited the fans to buy jars of water in which she bathed it. On the cosplayer’s website, such a souvenir was ordered for $ 30 – just for half the price of a console game. This just goes to show you how strange the spotlight of Twitch really is.

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