Kuki Is The New Head Coach of Florida Mayhem

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Florida Mayhem is one of those teams that are making various changes to their team to prepare for the upcoming Overwatch League 2020 season. And after making a few changes to the team, they have now decided to make a major move. That’s right, fans will be excited to know that the team will have a new head coach for the upcoming season.

Kuki Hired As Head Coach

The team recently announced that they have decided to hire Kim “Kuki” Dae-Kuk as their new head coach. This means that they are going to enter the upcoming season under the shelter of Kuki. For those who don’t know, he used to play for Seoul Dynasty as a tank defendant in the inaugural season of the Overwatch League. After spending some time with them, he decided to move on and joined Los Angeles Valiant in 2019.

After playing for Los Angeles Valiant for a few months, he decided to stop playing for them too. However, it came as a surprise to everyone as the latter announced that he is retiring from esports as a player. Shortly after this, he entered the coaching field and became the coach of RunAway. Under his direction, Runaway won the Contenders Korea in 2019. And now, the latter is going to serve as the head coach of Flordia Mayhem. Kuki will be joining assistant coach Kim “Dox” Minseok. Dox is also a really experienced and amazing coach who was previously the coach of MVP Space, a South Korean esports team. He also served as a player-coach for EHOME Shield.

Previous Changes

While other teams have made a lot of changes to their rosters to prepare for the upcoming League, Florida Mayhem announced only a few changes. Up till now, the team has dropped five of its players and dropped an assistant coach. In addition to this, they have also made a major change in their management by promoting Andrew “yeHHH” Yeh to the post of general manager.

Performance In The 2019 League

Florida Mayhem left many of its fans disappointed in the 2019 Overwatch League season. They failed to reach their expectations after getting placed a the bottom of the standings. They were dull throughout the tournament and failed to secure victories. Prior to this, they decided to focus on an all-Korean roster because they believed that lack of communication was one of the biggest reasons behind their failure. However, even after experimenting with different lineups, they still failed to perform well.

Florida Mayhem

Fans can expect to team to perform better than before now considering their coaching staff has been improved. Almost every Overwatch League fan is aware of how experienced and amazing Kuki is. He is the reason behind why RunAway managed to win Contnernders Korea. On the other hand, Dox is regarded as one of the best assistant coaches out there. Florida Mayhem claimed that Dox is going to bring the much-needed experience to the team. All we can do is wait and see whether these two will manage to improve their team or not.

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