KuKu Can’t Get A Break From Chongqing

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We all thought that the drama surrounding “Kuku” and the Chinese community was old news. However, it has just come back to light with the World Electronic Sports Games (WESG) international tournament. The competition will take place during the first week of March in Chongqing.

Lack of respect

The lack of respect “Kuku” showed towards the Chinese players in a public game was quite unfortunate. The controversy provided a lot to talk about for weeks. The Chinese community was so offended by him that they banned the Filipino player from participating in the Chongqing Major with his team, TNC. The government additionally banned him from entering the country, alleging a security risk.

Kuku Chongqing

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Valve even had to intervene through an official statement to calm the waters, though this did not prevent “Kuku” from missing the Chongqing Major. At the time, many commentators, analysts, and personalities of Dota 2, manifested their support for the player. What was apparently an inordinate measure at the time by enthusiasts of Dota 2, it now seems logical since the punishment seems not to have been enough for the Chinese community.

WESG Haunts TNC & Kuku

WESG will be taking place in Chongqing this year. After consulting with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Public Security of Chongqing, the player is still banned from entering the city.

Valve has also voiced its opinion on matters, saying that personally, they are not supporting the fact that “Kuku” can not participate in the WESG. But Valve can’t do anything about it since the WESG doesn’t fall into the official DPC. The player was already fined and expelled from Chongqing Major, but this is the first time “Kuku” has done something like this throughout his career as a professional player of Dota 2. The previous punishment should have been enough for the player, but unfortunately for TNC, the WESG is taking place in the same place as the Major of Chongqing.

A light of hope

There is some light at the end of the tunnel. With the controversy surrounding this case again on the table, there has been an increasing concern about whether “Kuku” will be allowed to attend The International 9, being held in China for the first time. Valve has confirmed there will be no problem with the player and his entry into Shanghai for the biggest Dota 2 tournament of the year. Both TNC and “Kuku” must turn the page and feel relieved by such good news.

In December 2018, “Kuku” from TNC Pro Team made some racist comments directed at Chinese players, after which the player and the organization both apologized. TnC even fined Kuku, however this punishment was not sufficient so Kuku was later banned. Seeing the rude attitude of the Chinese months after the controversy has left us wondering if things will really spice up at TI9.

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