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The League of Legends Continental League recently introduced the first female team at the professional level of LoL. Vaevictis was a revolution and a start of something special for both the LCL and the League of Legends. But the opponents proved to have no mercy, as they defeated the side 2-0. Something that could happen to anyone and would not be a reason for sanction.

Discrimination in eSports

Vega was not satisfied with the victory, but also exhibited inappropriate behavior against the new team. The sanctions have not been made public. But LCL and Riot Games have made it clear in a statement that discrimination on the basis of gender is unacceptable. The sanctions will be very severe if the players proved to be guilty.

LoL And Overwatch

Credits: Vaevictis Esports

Riot Games will penalize the two teams of the LCL for their unsportsmanlike attitude. A defeat in just 20 minutes and another with a result 52-2 in the score of deaths. This is the most bulkiest result of the competition so far this year. But what has led to the aforementioned sanctions is not the result, but the attitude.

In the first match, RoX banned five supports during the picks and bans phase. Something that Riot has seen as discriminatory. Since it supports the idea that women only play champions in that role. ” It is not an illegal practice, but Riot Games believe that it is disrespectful to the players of the Vaevictis Esports team”. Riot Games made the statement.

What will be the verdict

On the other hand, Vega Squadron, who destroyed Vaevictis 52-2, will be punished for “prolonging the game unnecessarily.” Something that does go against the rules as it is extremely disrespectful to the rival. We will have to wait for the verdict of Riot in a few days time.

Team Stop Feeding Banned

One of the most controversial cases of Overwatch finally has a sentence. Blizzard has punished The Team Stop Feeding, of Chinese origin for its practices in the game. Although it’s not the first time Blizzard has suspended a professional Overwatch player, this time it’s different.

The practice of account boosting had already been punished previously inflicted on many teams and players of Overwatch. But it seems that Blizzard had enough of it. So the seven team members will receive sanctions. Although it will not be the same punishment for everyone. Five of the members will be a whole year unable to compete in Overwatch events. Another one will receive punishment for the remainder of the season.

This is the first time that Blizzard suspended a professional player permanently. But, nevertheless, the support of the team, “tuduoxi” will receive the exemplary punishment. Blizzard will ban the player for life in competitive Overwatch events.

Credits: Blizzard

This incident may lead to more sanctions of this kind in the event that the circumstances are similar. Something that will make one think twice before engaging in “boosting” practices.

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