Latest Happenings In Fortnite And PUBG

With Apex Legends taking the Battle Royale market for quite a few days now, we will highlight what the other popular titles are doing on their way. We are here to discuss Fortnite and PUBG, the two titles that are always coming up with something extra. Let’s see what the developers have in mind for the players.

Two Factor Authentication Problem Solved

Epic Games received several reports from users who could not get authentication emails on their Fortnite accounts. They went looking for a solution to the problem, as reported on their social media channels.

Fortnite and PUBG

Credits: Epic Games

The problem was fortunately solved within a few hours, and now everything should work properly. The Fortnite developer strongly encourages users to use the new authentication system in order to avoid problems that may arise, given the large number of hackers circulating online.

The ‘two-factor authentication’ is a simple and effective system to protect your account. You can choose to enter an entry code received via the app or through your email. The code will be requested:

  • The first time you activate this function.
  • When using a new device.
  • If more than 30 days have elapsed since the last time you logged in.
  • If you have recently deleted the cookies from your browser.

To activate it, through the account settings, click on “Password and security”. Then activate the chosen verification factors (i.e. app or mail). It’s easy and avoids a lot of hassle if an attacker accesses your account without permission.

Fortnite 2FA

Credits: Epic Games

Valentine’s event is currently active on Fortnite, after which the highly anticipated Season 8 will begin. Epic Games has recently declared that the next season’s Battle Pass will be available for free by completing a series of challenges.

When will the PEL Begin?

The PUBG Europe League (PEL) was postponed to March. The reason for the delay is due to financial and organizational problems. These problems are related to the location in which the event will take place.

Sources close to the organization have confirmed that the delay is due to PUBG Corp. The developer is late in distributing the salaries both to StarLadder and the teams registered in the league. Moreover, as we said, there are also problems related to the headquarters that will host the league. The PEL should have resumed at the end of January, but this obviously did not happen and neither PUBG Corp. nor the organizer StarLadder published any official statement.


Credits: PUBG Corp.

G2 Esports unveiled the possible starting date of February 15th but nothing has been confirmed. Since then, everything has been silent. As far as we know, the league is ready to take place in Berlin. A total of 16 teams will take part in Phase 1, six of which received direct invitations. The remaining 10 left their ticket, thanks to the qualifying phase which ended last December.

The PEL is part of the new export reality of PUBG, unveiled by the organizer at the last Invitational. It currently represents six regional championships and three competitive circuits of third parties. Last month, the developer announced that it would launch a series of financial initiatives to support teams in all leagues, the major attracting factor being profit sharing.

But now it seems that the organizational machine is running a bit slow.

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