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Group Stage Ended In WESG

WESG has reached its final phase after playing the group stage for two days. The sixteen teams qualified for the playoffs must play in simple elimination format at the best of three maps (BO3).

The group stage has not left too many surprises. In Group A, G2 and Singularity met expectations and gave no opportunity to the Vietnamese team Revolution. The French team was the leader of the group. In Group B they were classified Valiance and Optic, leaving out the South African Denial.

Due to the absences of Isurus and K23, Group C was only composed of MIBR and AGO. Both teams faced each other knowing that they were classified, although they competed for the lead. The Brazilian team won without too many problems 2-0 (16-5, 16-12).

MiBR at WESG 2018

Credits: HLTV

Group D & Group E

The D Group, one of the most criticized by the public because no team was seeded considered, has been led by Absolute, followed by Furious.

In Group E was Movistar Riders, a team that represented Spain in this competition. This group also raised criticisms of the organization. Since it brought together a top-level team such as Fnatic, ENCE (runner-up IEM Katowice) and two CDM-level teams such as Movistar Riders and Windigo. Finally, ENCE did not attend the tournament and Windigo beat Movistar Riders 2-0. This meant the elimination of the Spanish team despite obtaining a remarkable draw against Fnatic.

Fnatic match at WESG 2018

Credits: WESG

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Group F, G & H

The group F was led by Russia winning two of their three games. The Chinese team Panda accompanied them to the playoffs. They luckily qualified thanks to the difference of rounds with respect to the Brazilian team Imperial. The group G also had a clear leader, Ukraine, followed by the Philippine TNC, who obtained a second.

In Group H, also full of non-favorite teams, Alpha Red and Viva Algeria obtained their passes for the playoffs. World Electronic Sports Games 2018 CS: GO runs from March 11 to March 17 in China. The prize fund of the tournament is $ 890 thousand.


Credits: HLTV

Astralis Reaches The ECS Finals

Astralis beat AVANGAR in the semifinals of the first series of the European Esports Championship Series Season 7. The match ended with the score 2: 0. AVANGAR took 3-4 place and earned $ 2.5 thousand. In the second match of the semi-finals, Ninjas in Pajamas and FaZe Clan will compete. The meeting will take place later tonight.

Nonetheless, we believe that no matter which side prevails, Astralis will reign supreme in the grand finals. They are the best CS: GO team in the world and their reign of dominance will continue in the months to come.

Astralis IEM Katowice 2019

Credits: HLTV

The first series of the seventh season of the Esports Championship Series runs from March 11 to March 14. Eight teams play $ 25 thousand and a ticket to the LAN-finals.

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