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The regular season came to an end on March 16. Now we are waiting for for the LEC playoffs to begin. In the meantime, to make matters interesting, Riot announced the All-Pro team of the split. The coaches, the press and the players themselves voted for this lineup.

It goes without saying that, during this split, many players have shown exceptional performances. But, in the All-Pro team, there can be only one player per position. As always in these cases, there is biasness in the votes. Nonetheless, we cannot question the quality of any player in the All-Pro team.

The top 5

No one can deny that all these players a world-class in their respective roles. The five players of the team occupy the top statistics of the LEC this season. Cabochard was the key element for Vitality in winning a place in the playoffs. His incredible performances have allowed him to prevail over Wunder (G2). Both Jankos and Caps have debuted great performances in G2. Their contribution was clinical for the team that finished in first place.

For his part, Kobbe has been the most important player of Splyce. The side finally enters the playoffs finishing the regular season at the fourth position. Last but not least, Mikyx has adapted to the new meta.

No Room for Origin

Yet, the absence of members of the Origin team in the All-Pro is a shock to everyone. The second-ranked team of the competition has great players. Even their haters are surprised by this situation. The mid-laner Nuckduck made it to the second-best team while Alphari is in the third best team.

Nuckduck League of Legends

Credits: lolesports

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The two remaining prizes of the regular season are yet to be revealed. The best player of the split and the best rookie of the LEC. But, it seems that we already know the winners of both awards. Everything points to Caps (G2) and Selfmade (SK) being MVP and rookie.

Caps & Selfmade for the win

Caps was in the spotlight from the first moment of the season when he left Fnatic to sign for G2. The Danish mid laner has demonstrated that his talent outshines his opponents. His great performance in the regular season will be enough for the MVP title.

Caps League of Legends All-Pro Team

Credits: G2 Esports

There is not even the slightest doubt for the winner of the rookie of the season. Since Selfmade has won seven MVP titles, he even outperforms Caps in this feat. The Polish jungler has been instrumental in SK finishing the season in the playoffs. Quite an achievement considering the sides SK was up against.

LCL Winners

Elements Pro Gaming reach the playoffs of LCL Spring 2019 by winning the league phase. They scored the same number of points as Gambit Esports. Yet, for the first spot, they managed to beat Gambit in the tiebreaker.

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