League of Legends betting tips and guide

How to be successful in League of Legends betting? We give valuable tips on how to best place bets.

League of legends betting

Before we go into LoL eSports betting, we need to clarify a question in advance: What is League of Legends? It is a computer game, which is played in teams. Because it is a real-time strategy, the game progresses fast and strategic decisions are to be made. Furthermore, it is important, especially when playing a certain hero, to consider the RPG aspects. Constant innovations and the competitive atmosphere create great interest in the community. Meanwhile, the betting range at LoL eSports is quite remarkable.

Riot has developed the game and brought it to market. The game itself was released in 2009. It costs no money and is financed by so-called micropayments. Already in 2016, the game was played by 100 million players at least once a month. In the years 2017 to 2018, this number is said to have tripled. The genre is referred to as the Multiplayer Online Battle Arena. Before the start of the match, players and opponents must be looked for.

After matchmaking, the game starts. The teams are placed on opposite sides of the amp. Different lanes connect the starting points. In different modes, teams of three to five opponents compete against each other. Anyone who destroys the enemy’s main building, called Nexus win the game. Your own champions can get skills during the game by getting gold, and gaining the hero levels. The early end is possible if you comprehensively dominate your opponent.

Knowing the game of League of Legends (LoL)?

How do LoL eSports work? The player excels in League of Legends eSports in particular by the control of his/her hero. You can choose from the tank class, which can take a large amount of damage. In this sense, they are good team fight heroes. The same applies to the supports who often sacrifice themselves to have control of the map. The fighters are ones who are the main source of damage when it comes to 1v1 engagements. The mage takes over this task from a distance, as does the shooter. The Assassin plays as a hunter.

These characters are all about taking objectives on the map, gaining new abilities and using them to destroy the opposing team’s base. Whoever has achieved this goal first wins. Professional LoL eSports teams, with years of experience and extensive involvement in the game concepts, play big tournaments (eg LoL eSports Worlds 2017) and cash in high prizes with their good results. The best player in the world, Faker has already collected over $ 1 million in prize money.

What are LoL eSports bets?

We have a game with a clearly defined game outcome and we have a group of several hundred million players. The computer game triggers a certain fascination. However, not every player makes it to the professional scene and compete for prize money. Accordingly, the LoL bets offer a way to still experience the hobby with a greater thrill. This is especially true because certain tournaments are quite visible.

Watching LoL eSports live is more likely on Twitch or on the tournament pages of the current competitions. However, the League of Legends betting is about foreseeing the outcome of the game. If you have been watching the teams, their members and their strategies for a long time, you can determine the outcome of a game in advance. In this case, it is also worth giving a tip on League of Legends eSports competitions.

LoL eSports: bets and options

If you want to get involved with LoL eSports, you may be looking for video material. At this point, we can recommend a search for LoL eSports on Youtube. Various tournament pages also offer LoL eSports Vods. It is a performance of past matches in the Video on Demand process. This procedure already shows that it takes a lot of experience, also about the players, to be able to bet on eSports successfully.

If you want to get a basic look into the topic, we recommend a LoL eSports Wiki. However, this is not about learning by doing. Anyone who has completed some matches is much better in the game. Nevertheless, it is about LoL eSports bets and the players involved to inform in order to make the best tips. Furthermore, we need a bookmaker, where appropriate sports bets are available. Below are the best betting options available in the betting markets.

The classic: the winning bet on the LoL team

At this point of the LoL eSports, we can use an analogy. Basically, betting on an eSports match is like a football bet. There are two teams starting on opposite sides of the field. There will be a competition which will take place in up to five rounds. If you are unreachable with your points, you have won. Where is the commonality of football in the betting? The player taps on one of the teams and thus on the victory.

Only a draw does not exist for three or five rounds. Generally, it is a classic among the bets – the winning bet. It’s not always easy to predict. But especially in the professional LoL eSports, there are of course well-known teams that can be superior to their colleagues. Especially in the early stages of a tournament keep in mind that the strong teams usually prevail.

Over / Under bets and handicap bets

Over / Under bets and handicaps are also known from other sports. How can these be used on LoL eSports bets? For example, a period of time could be considered. As already mentioned, a game lasts between 15 and 60 minutes. The end of the game is exactly defined. For example, over 30 minutes of play time could be set. The same is, of course, possible in the number of matches, as it is usually played on two or three winning sets.

Handicap bets work on a similar principle. A team has to win by a margin. Let’s say we play on three winning sets. Thus, there is a maximum of five games until a team has won three times. The shortest result would, therefore, be a 3-2 for one of the teams. However, a game could also end with 3-0 or 3-1.

Tournaments and team betting at LoL eSports

With the increasing popularity of LoL eSports in the EU, the betting range has also been increased. If you are new to the topic, you should first of all deal with sports betting basics. For League of Legends, there are already a number of special bets. We would like to give you some examples. “Which team will kill an enemy hero first?”. In the same vein beats: “Who get the first blood?” or “Who get the first Baron?”

Of course, there are other variants, such as the number of maps won or the destruction of the first tower. In gaming, the well-known teams, such as SKT T1, Fnatic or TSM have quite a number of gaming techniques, from which one can derive certain betting strategies. It is therefore quite possible to select the different types of bets skillfully and not just rely on chance. Of course, your own experience with League of Legends bets is irreplaceable. Newcomers start with small stakes.

Tournament types in LoL

There is LEC for Europe. Furthermore, there is the LoL eSports Lck, where the best teams from Korea compete against each other. Accordingly, not only tournaments are held, but also a season. In North America and many countries, the seasons are divided into Spring, Summer, and Autumn. The split of each year shows the tables of the season and the playoffs. The balance sheets are also listed, which allow conclusions about the performance in the game. This shows that there is a lot to learn about LoL eSports.

Keep an eye out on tournaments, teams, and players

Within a season, the teams compete against each other. A league often consists of ten teams. The clubs play twice against each other.

In addition, each season the Mid-Season Invitational (MSI) and the World Championships (World Cup) take place. In the latter, the best 16 teams in the world, over about four weeks, in an exciting environment duel against each other. They have to fight in a group stage in the playoffs and then play in a knockout phase from the quarter-finals to the big final game. This very tight and professionally organized league and tournament system also make League of Legends one of the most interesting games for eSports betting.

Of course, the tables provide information on how certain teams perform. However, it sometimes happens that players change teams or retires. Therefore, the quality of gaming can vary greatly from one year to the next. Anyone who is familiar with the scene and observes and analyzes the changes in the players sometimes has an advantage over the bookmakers. There is often looked at the latest results, without appreciating the players in the background. Therefore, the favorites of the bookmakers are not always set correctly which is good for LoL bets.

Understanding the odds of League of Legends eSports

At this point, we can bring in our bundled weather experiences. Because the odds are different from other sports marginal. First and foremost, it’s about earning the best value for your own sports bet. Accordingly, it is worthwhile to register with several bookmakers. After analyzing statistics and teams, it is important to look at the odds in details. At this time, of course, the esports betting player already knows which team he/she wants to place the bet on.

Know your Bookmakers

Since the League of Legends eSports is not yet widely used among bookmakers, there are two criteria that you should use. The amount of existing eSports bets on LoL and of course the general amount of the odds. Because only with a harmonious mixture of selection and quota level competent bets can be set. If you use several providers, you always have the best value and are more likely to be able to make long-lasting profits.

As with most eSports games, League of Legends (LoL) has several bookmakers with a valid betting license offering odds for various tournaments and leagues. We recommend you to go for Bet365 and Bet-at-Home. Both Bet365 and Bet-at-Home have discovered bets on League of Legends matches in 2014 and continue to offer some of the best-betting markets to date. Other than bet365 and Bet-at-Home, following are the bookmakers that offer best odds on League of Legends betting.


While choosing the right bookmaker, pay particular attention to the complete package. Do not be blinded by bonus offers. Although these can be attractive, they are subject to bonus conditions. All of the competitors are reputable and safe. You can rely on that. Other criteria that make up a good betting provider are the betting offer, odds, service, support, and especially the deposit and withdrawal methods.

Those of you who are betting with real money on eSports or betting should take the time to read this article intensively. To bet on League of Legends, you first need to create an account on a bookmaker. You can choose any of the popular bookmakers from the above-mentioned list. These bookies are totally trustworthy. So you do not have to worry about your money being gone. Professional bookmakers have a valid license. This guarantees security and minimum compliance with standards. All recommended bookmakers work to these quality standards.

The opening of a betting account does not more than two minutes. Pay attention to bonsai bids, which we have listed in our overview. Each bookmaker offers various eSports matches to which you can bet.