League of Legends: Everything You Need to Know About Senna

League of Legends: Everything You Need to Know About Senna

League of Legends fans will soon get the chance to play as a brand new champion called Senna. For those who don’t know, this is the very champion that was revealed during the recently held 10-year anniversary broadcast. While some leaks suggested that she will get added to the game prior to her announcement, its seems like this was not the case. However, fans shouldn’t feel down as the champion will soon make her way to the game.

League of Legends

For those wondering, Senna was once the wife of Lucian. She has appeared as a part of League of Legends’ lore from time to time, and has always remained one of the reasons behind Lucian’s dedication. While everything was going well in her life, Thresh appeared out of nowhere and imprisoned her sol in his lantern. Since then, Lucian has been trying his best to bring her beloved wife back. And now, the latter has finally succeeded. However, although Senna has returned, she isn’t what she used to be.

Who Is Senna?

When Senna was just a child, she was cursed by the Black Mist and has since then remained one of its targets. One day, she was saved by Lucian’s father who realized straight away that the only way to save her was to teach her how to fight the Mist. She then received a relic weapon after she became Urias’ apprentice and joined the ancient order, called Sentinels of Light. However, something tragic then happened and Urias departed from the world. Senna then felt lost, until Lucian met her.

Lucian has always dreamed of becoming like his father, and become a part of the Sentinels of Light. However, as his father wanted to protect him, Urias didn’t allow him to become his apprentice. This is why Lucian was happy with safeguarding a city in Demacia. After he met Senna, he got to know that his father died while fighting the Black Mist. Since then Lucian and Senna have fought side by side and have learned the ways of Sentinels together.

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One day, both of them came face to face with Thresh, and because of Lucian’s mistake of not withdrawing from the battle, Senna’s lift was put in danger. Her soul was imprisoned  in Thresh’s lantern, and since then Lucian was trying to avenge her. And thanks to his efforts, he managed to free Senna from the lantern. While in the lantern, Senna was trying to explore the darkness she was trapped in and eventually found that the Black Mist she was trying to fight is her only hope. And after she came back, she was both a human and a wraith.

When Will She Arrive

Senna is going to be the first support marksman to get introduced in League of Legends. This means that she is going to offer both damage and utility. Riot Games revealed that they are going to reveal some more information about this champion during the Worlds 2019 quarterfinals that will be held on October 27. As for Senna, she will get added to the game on November 11.

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