League of Legends: First Look At Senna's Abilities

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League of Legends fans is currently enjoying the ongoing Worlds 2019 tournament. The tournament is currently at its playoff stage, and will soon get to see who becomes the champion of this year. While some are currently keeping a close eye on the ongoing tournament, others are eagerly waiting for a new character to arrive. That’s right, League of Legends players will soon get the luxury to place as the game’s newest support marksman.

League of Legends

For those who don’t know, Riot Games is soon going to add a new champion to the game called Senna. This new character was revealed by the developers some time ago, and they have been since then teasing fans by slowly releasing some of her content. And now, a short gameplay trailer for Senna has been released, something which as given us our first look at her abilities.

New Gameplay Trailer of Senna

The newly released gameplay trailer of Senna has surely increased the hype for the upcoming character. Although it doesn’t give us specific names of the abilities, we can still pretty much see what the champion will be capable of doing. The first thing everyone will notice in the trailer is the ability bar that is right above Senna’s head. This is something that shows which ability is being used by the champion.

Senna’s Abilities

To begin with, the trailer has showcased that Senna’s passive is going to be somewhat similar to Thresh’s passive. She can basically grab the souls of her enemy champions and minions that are left behind after they die. At the moment, we currently don’t know what Senna is exactly going to do with these souls. Thresh gets permanent armor and ability power by acquiring souls, so maybe this will be the case for her too.

As for the Q ability, Senna can fire a bolt that is similar to Lucian’s Piercing Light, but it’s a little bigger. On the other hand, her W ability sends out a teal orb in a straight line, meaning that it is going to be a skill shot. In the trailer, you can see how her ability leaves a mark on Thresh after hitting him.

Seena’s E ability allows her to dive into the rift and enter a ghost mode in which she becomes green. A shadowy circle also builds around her once she uses this ability. This is similar to Pyke’s Ghostwater Dive in which the champion can dive underneath the water and swim around the map. However, Senna’s E seems as if it gives the support marksman a champion bonus movement speed. And as for the ultimate, she can fire her railgun in a straight line, something through which she can take down even the strongest of opponents.

When Will Senna Arrive?

Riot Games is currently planning to add Senna into the game on November 20. However, those who have access to the Public Beta Environment will get to test the champion starting October 29. She will remain on the test server for some time before she appears in the actual game.

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