League of Legends - How to get Blue Essence?

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League of Legends is a strategy based game that includes a maximum of five champions in each team. There are two teams present in one league to play against each other. This game has various strategies that a person should use while playing this game. In this game, you will find different currencies through which you can able to purchase some more game features to enhance the quality of the game. These currencies are not very important while playing this game; if you are not having these currencies still also you can play.

Blue Essence is a type of currency that helps you to buy various things in the game, such as new runes, new champions, different chroma skins, hextech crafting, etc. You can buy and sell out these things if you have a blue essence in your game. This currency is only helpful in buying and selling various things related to the game. The most important question by the various users of this game is how to get the Blue Essence?

How to get Blue Essence in LOL

If you want to learn various measures which can help you to get Blue Essence, then you should consider this article for that. It will help you with the best three measures to get this currency with various benefits and profits.  

  • Completing Different Missions – If you want to get Blue Essence, then for that, it is important for you to complete various missions. The completion of every mission you will able to get new gifts which will help you to get motivated and more confident. If you clear the mission, then you can able to collect a maximum of 50 Blue Essence, which might be disappointing for you, but it’s a good starting. If you want to get this essence in a faster way, then you need to much energetic motivation and more ways to deal with it.
  • Breaking down Champion Shards – This is the best way through which you can earn more Blue Essence. If you have various champion shards and you don’t have any plans to use them, then you can use them for earning more Blue essence. There are two steps through which you can get them one is with hextech chests, and another one is with champion capsules. You can use these champions just once in a season.
  • Honor Capsules and Orbs – The Honor system is one of the best parts of this game as it helps you to have various benefits from this game. If you get honored in this game, then it helps you to get more Blue Essence in the form of capsules or orb. Once you get honored to level 3, then you become eligible for earning more Blue Essence. It is the best way to earn more and various rewards.

Wrap It up

All the points mentioned above are the best to get in use if you want to earn more Blue Essence. It is very important to have this currency if you want to do buying and selling in the game.

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