Mobile Version Of League Of Legends Is Under Development

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One of the most successful eSports titles in the worlds, is on its to the mobiles devices. Recently, Reuters sources have revealed that League of Legends is getting a mobile version. The title is likely to be launched in 2019 but the sources have assured that it is under development for over a year now.

The mobile version of League of Legends will surely be a start of a formidable relationship between Tencent and RIot Games. The sources have claimed that, previously the two giants had a dispute years ago, in which Riot disagreed to push its title to mobile devices. As a consequence, Tencent, developed its own mobile MOBA, Honour of the Kings, which is known as Arena of Valor in the foreign market. The League of Legends is amongst the most popular titles and it seems like Riot now wants to get in on the action.

Decline in revenue and popularity

Riot’s change of interest could be owing to its slight fall in popularity in the last few weeks. One of the analysts of Newzoo, Gu Tianyi told Reuter that LoL has been declined in the charts and the developers really need something fresh to get the most out of the game. They need to make reforms since League of Legends in the only title, of Riot.

The mobile version of the title will surely help the game to regain its popularity and will boost its revenue. This move will be warmly greeted by the Chinese market. Since in 2018, TCG Hearthstone made over $ 163 million in mobile revenue and over 30% of the amount was collected by the Chinese iOS uses.

A tough fight for Riot

We are well aware of the fact the LoL is a completely different genre than Hearthstone. Since the MOBA game are always longers the average card game. Yet LoL will surely receive love from the mobile gaming community and at the end of the day will get a great boost in its revenue charts.

The mobile phone version has been in development for over a year and is not planned to be launched in 2019. Both companies declined to comment. Even though we really don’t know about the date of release of the title. Yet, at the time of its release, it will have to fight with the Tencent cousin, Honour of Kings, for the Chinese market.

Who is Tencent?

Tencent is the largest investment company in the world that specializes in various areas of high-tech business, including electronic entertainment. They own the rights to League of Legends and Ring of Elysium. Honor of Kings (alternative name – Arena of Valor) is a mobile MOBA, developed and published by Tencent. The game was released on iOS, Android and Nintendo Switch. In 2017, HoK brought the creators $ 876 million in three months. The game regularly occupies high places in the ranking of the most profitable titles.

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