League of Legends patch 9.12 is now live

The patch 9.12 brought some interesting changes to the most popular champions of the game. Let’s see which champions have been targeted by the developer.


The anticipated update of Mordekaiser finally made its way to the Summoner’s Rift in the 9.12. We are sure that the champion will steer a storm in the latest meta. The champion’s ultimate takes him and his opponent in a separate dimension where they fight to the death.


Ryze has always been an interesting pick of the developers when it comes to rework and changes. In the 9.12 he is getting a much needed nerf. Riot is making sure to decrease the popularity of the champion on a professional level. Moreover, they are also tuning his combos so that the casual players won’t have much problems playing him. They have removed the shield from Q ability so he will be quite vulnerable in the laning phase.


Just like Ryze, the new champion, Sylas has been quite popular in the pro scene. Riot has nerfed him slightly, by reducing the numbers on his Q. Yet they have compensated for it buffing his W. In the end, the E will no longer grant a shield on the first cast.


Despite having low win rate in the casual games, Yuumi is a force to be reckoned with in the pro scene. The players themselves say that the champion is the most broken support of the game at the moment. The developers seems to have noticed it and riveted some buffs that they granted the champion after conceding the lowest win-rate.

The professionals say that the champion is quite frustrating since it is impossible to kill it if played right. So in the 9.12 they lowered the defence of the champion, but compensated it with some health buffs. The health bar has been increased, but the passive statistics have been nerfed. They have also reduced the W ability, now when attached to the allies her adaptive force will grant less statistics boost.

Changes to items

There is not much news to report regarding item changes. Since the developer has made just one change to an item. The bonus magic damage of the Corrupting Potion, has been nerfed. We believe that the reason behind the nerf is its popularity among the solo offlaners. This nerf means that only certain champions will pick it from now on, while it will no longer scale on higher levels.

ARAM Balance Changes

In the beginning of 2019, Riot promised the community to make changes to ARAM. They are living on their word, since they have brought tons of nerfs and buffs to the champions. In the patch 9.12 the tuned the Mastery Grade system to be more accurate in the mode.

The patch also brought some sound changes to in-game champions. The older champions have been targeted, in the hope of modernizing the game. The notes end with the new skins. The community gets, Dark Star Shaco, Dark Star Karma and Dark Cosmic Jhin.

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