League of Legends Players Are Reporting Camera Lock And Loading Screen Bug

League of Legends players have been recently reporting about some bugs that are ruining their gameplay experience. According to them, they are experiencing a camera-lock bug as well as a never-ending loading screen bug. Both of them are not allowing them to play and enjoy the game properly.

Camera-Lock Bug

The camera-lock bug is something that is making players smash their keyboards in anger because it is really frustrating. This bug is targetting those players who mostly use the space bar to center the camera onto their champion. For those who don’t know, whenever someone presses the space bar, the camera should return back to the champion. However, because of the bug, the camera isn’t returning back to the champion and is getting locked.

League of Legends

The bug basically locks the camera in place, and it can be quite hectic to unlock it. In order to do it, you have to either click the camera button that is located right next to the minimap or simply click around the mini-map until the camera gets unlocked. While some players are claiming that this bug appeared after some previous patches, others claim that they encountered it long ago. This means that it is actually present in the game for more than a year.

One thing to keep in mind is that this bug isn’t a really big issue since most players prefer playing with a full unlocked camera. However, it can still be quite frustrating and irritating at the same time when you are unable to check other parts of the map with clicking.

Loading Issues

Players are also suffering from multiple loading issues. According to them, their League client crashes without any warning whenever they are on the loading screen. After the game crashes, it starts again and the player watches a crashed loading screen without even realizing that it isn’t loading. After he notices the issue, the player will have to close the game and restart it.

League of Legends

The most annoying thing about this problem is that the player who is stuck on the loading screen is actually connected to the game for a few minutes before getting disconnected. Because of this, the team has to play for the first few minutes without one player. While the developers are yet to fix this issue, players have discovered their own ways to speed things up. In order to check if you’re in a broken game or not, you can click on the player’s portrait that appears on the loading screen. If the portrait doesn’t flip, restart the game.

At the moment, Riot is yet to confirm whether they are aware of these issues or not. However, since many players are now suffering because of them, we can expect developers to provide an update soon. Once that happens, the fix for them will most likely arrive in the next patch. All we can do is wait and see what the developers have in mind for us.

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