League of legends

How to Ping League of Legends?

Ping League of Legends

League of legends, one of the most popular games of the time, and most of the people are crazy about it. It is a strategy based game that includes two teams with five champions each. It helps to provide various proper options to the teams to select their best champions …


How to jungle league of legends?

jungle league of legends

How to jungle is surely the main and most important feature of the game league of legends. It is basically used between three main lanes of summoner’s rift, fighting neutral monsters, gathering buffs, and looking for a way to win this game and make the opposing team lose. It lets …


How to play League of Legends?

play League of Legends

League of Legends is a strategy based game that includes five players at a time. It is being played between two teams with five powerful players each to destroy the champions of the other team. In this game, you can choose the best champions for your team out of 140 …


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