LEC 2019 - Fnatic Rise From The Ashes

In LEC 2019, Fnatic made an exceptional run at the end of the split, as they arrive into this game with only one defeat in 15 games. They will face Origen, who were completely outplayed by G2 in the last BO5 series. The stakes are high since this match will decide which team go up against G2 for the title of Spring Split 2019. Let’s have a look at one of the most anticipated matches of the season.

A fit Fnatic team

All eyes are on the reigning European champions. Despite a difficult start to the season during which they had to fall to the depths of the league. The side came bouncing back with confidence. Fnatic exhibited flawless strategies in their last league matches and stole the show against Splyce and Vitality in the playoffs. Bwipo and Rekkles assured that Fnatic needs to fear no team except perhaps the samurai. With impeccable preparation, they mastered their craft in the BO5 against Vitality, perfectly understanding the style of play of bees.

Fnatic, not only shines in the early game but also becomes a force to be reckoned with the late game. Rekkles with his Sivir pick guarantees that he will surely outplay any opponent. While Bwipo in the top lane ensures that Fnatic controls the tempo of the game from start to finish.

Struggling Origin

Origen was completely outplayed by G2 in the last series. During the first game, Origen seemed to know what they are doing since they lost after 48 minutes of play. However, in the other two games, Origen was nowhere to be seen while G2 won every single lane. So why was Origen at the end of a ruthless beating? Probably because of poor preparation and lack of confidence.

Taste for Revenge?

Nukeduck was impressive on Zoe during the first game. (6/2/7). However, he failed to perform with his Lissandra pick in the other two games. The mid-laner of Origen was unable to apply pressure and failed to give a tough fight to Caps.No Origen player took risks in any of the three games and that is what the team needs to improve on.

We believe that after all this criticism, the side is not really out of the semifinal. After this defeat against G2, the side will be hoping to attend to unfinished business and will want to take their revenge against the samurai. If Origen manages to redeem itself and executes some interesting plays, perhaps they will be able to defeat the defending champions.

Final Verdict

Seeing the performances of the team in their recent games, we believe that Fnatic will come out victorious, 3-1. We are also quite optimistic to believe that Fnatic can retain their title against G2. Origen, on the other hand, might have had a fairytale season, finishing at 2nd place. Yet we believe that their story is about to come to an end this weekend and it will surely not be a happy ending.

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