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Find all the live CS:GO Matches

Counterstrike is so popular that live professional matches can be viewed on an almost daily basis. In fact, not only is the game played at a professionally competitive level almost every day but often enough you can even find several different matches to choose from, giving you the opportunity to follow your favourite teams and develop a fandom for pros that you’d never even heard of before.

As far as eSports are concerned, few games can boast such a high level of popularity both at the professional and personal level. Because of the game’s unique interface, it remains one o the most popular competitive video games in existence, even after almost a decade has passed since its release.

For lovers of eSports, it is a great opportunity to enrich your gaming experience, and even liven things up with the occasional bet!

Here we provide real-time, up to date listings on all of the CS:GO matches that are happening around the world. The comprehensive list, conveniently piled in one place makes it easier than ever to keep up with the game that you love.

Check who’s the best in real-time

We believe that eSports should be treated like any other professional recreational activity, right down to how fans monitor the game. Consequently, we provide real-time standings on who the best teams and players are around the world.

And of course, standings are very fluid. In a game where a decent kill streak can significantly change a team’s position, it becomes very important to ensure that things stay up to date. That’s why rankings are constantly updated!

As you view our standings and tournament results, you can be sure that the information you’re seeing is accurate and current! Not only do up to date standings make it easier to follow the eSport that you love, but they are also an integral part of considering the possibility of placing wagers!

Our detailed stanging list does well to serve the needs of all different types of fans of Counterstrike.

Bet on eSports events

Sports fans of every variety have long enjoyed the opportunity to enliven the games that they love with the occasional friendly wager. Here we provide a safe, high functioning space in which you can do exactly that.

Our lineup of upcoming matches gives you the chance for a detailed look at all of the upcoming opportunities. From there, it is easy to see what is going on, how the team ranks in the standings, and how much money you would like to put down on the match.

When wagering on anything online, it is always important to work with reputable sources that respect your money while maintaining a high functioning space for play. We provide exactly that here. If you are looking for a safe, fulfilling betting opportunity, you have found it here!

Our match-list gives you a second by second countdown of when the match will be starting so that you can get a precise understanding of exactly how long it will be before you need to place your wagers. This makes it as easy as possible to bet from home, or on the go with your smartphone/tablet!

Follow your favourite team

eSports are rich with teams, stories, and MVPs just like any other sport. True fans know that the game becomes significantly richer when you have the opportunity to do a personal deep dive, following every move of your favourite franchises so that no competitive moments are missed.

Here listings are broken up by the team so that it is always as easy as possible to find out what your favourites are doing in real-time. As a fan, you shouldn’t have to miss anything, and here we make sure that you won’t have to.

And of course, as you review our robust and in-depth listings, it’s not only possible but highly likely that you will pick up so new favourite teams along the way!

Meet new international teams

Counterstrike is truly a game without borders. Teams from around the world flock to it for its competitive interface, and because skill is the one and only thing guaranteeing success, it never matters where a team is from: if they are good enough to excel, they are worth your time and consideration.

Our listings include teams from all around the globe, giving you the opportunity to get introduced to new players and enjoy a richer, more globalized fan experience!

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