LMS Team Dragon Gates Gets Lifetime Ban


One of the participants of the Taiwanese LMS is officially removed from the league. Dragon Gate was banned after an investigation proved the several roster members were involved in match-fixing.

One of the organizers of the league, Garena received a tip that: The current and former coach, the jungler and the owner of the team were involved in gambling. They fixed matches to win bets during the LMS Spring Split 2019.

Dragon Gate Banned LMS

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Riot Calling The Shots

After investing on the matter, Garena prepared a comprehensive report which incorporated replays, chat records and in-game communication of some questionable matches. Garena carried out interviews, which included the accused members and the management of the team. All the information was then reported to Riot Games. The report that Riot made public doesn’t mention in which and in how many games DG gambled. Riot Games announced a well-deserved punishment for all the guilty members:

  • The owner of the team, Weijie Hu is now globally banned from forming any professional or amateur team of League Of Legends.
  • The jungler of the team, JGY has been prohibited from competing in any amateur or professional league for 18 months. This means that he will not be competing until 2021.
  • Meanwhile, the coached, Li “xiaoyu” Xin-Yu and Fan “yoga” Jiang-Peng receive a 12-month ban from the competitive landscape of LoL.

LMS says goodbye to Dragon Gate

In November 2018, Team Dragon Gate arrived in the LMS after acquiring a slot for the LMS. The team performed poorly in their first season, out of the 14 games played, the side won only two. They finished at last place and were on the brink of relegation from the league.

LMS team Dragon Gate facing penalties for alleged match fixing from r/leagueoflegends

At the moment, we are not aware who will replace Dragon Gate for the Summer Split. We are assuming that Riot will hold qualifiers for that empty slot in the next few weeks. Since unlike the franchising model of the LPL, LEC, and LCS. LMS still holds the old league model, where the bottom teams in first division face relegation. While the top-ranked teams of the second division take their spots. In this case, we could see the winners of the 2019 ECS Spring Split, SuperEsports getting the spot. Since they were going to compete against Dragon Gate on Friday for the last spot of LMS.

A Rough day for LOL

This honestly a sad day for the LMS and competitive League Of Legends. We hope that Riot takes further steps to ensure that these things never happen. The teams and the players should learn from this incident to remain loyal to their passion. Since money doesn’t get you fame. Players should know that they are risking their entire careers just by fixing or gambling on a couple of games.

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