MiBR Letting Everyone Down With Their Performance

One of the most interesting lineups of the competitive world of CS: GO is Brazil’s MIBR. The team started 2019 on a high note as they finished at 4th place in the IEM Katowice Major. However, after this success, the team just can’t stop losing. A few weeks later, the team competed in the Blast Pro Series Sao Paulo, where they were an utter disgrace for their fans.

MIBR failed to win a single game on their home soil. They even lost the exhibition match at the end against ENCE. We can understand that they were against some of the best teams in the world, yet it is no excuse for such a disappointing display in front of their fans.

Failure at StarSeries

A few weeks later, the side participated in the StarSeries Season 7 Invitational. The absence of Astralis and Liquid meant that they had a decent chance to contest the final against Na’Vi. But in reality, they were eliminated in the first stage of the competition.

After their elimination, the side holds an unwanted record of just one win in their last 10 games. Not all of these matches were against the top 10 in the world ranking. They lost to tier two and even tier three teams like Renegades, Windigo, NRG, and Panda.

All-Brazilian demolition

We can understand that every team hits a decline period every now and then, yet MIBR is drowning to the depths. The organization and the players anticipated that after forming an All- Brazilian team, they will soar to new heights. Yet the removal of Stewie2K and YNK has not proven to be a good move all.

The previously mentioned embarrassing results justify our statement. All the spotlights in Miami are on the MIBR side to justify everything the side claims to be. We believe that Fallen and company will need to start from scratch and evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of the side,

Old Tactics Not Working

When the team exchanged TACO for Stewie2K and removed YNk from the coaching position by zews, a few hours later YNk gave a very interesting interview. He said that the Brazilian players need to try new things like learning English and diversify their strategies instead of reverting to old tactics like going All-in Brazil. These were spoken by him a few months ago and he’s right since MIBR is not even a shadow of their former selves.

The in-game leader of the team, Fallen, is still living in a reality, where he believes that the All-Brazil team can work. Don’t get us wrong, SK and Luminosity were exceptional in their craft, but now those days are gone. The game has evolved so much since Fallen won the Major in 2016. Since that time the mechanics have changed, the maps have been reworked, teams like Astralis have come forward.

Time For Some Changes?

Fallen sits in his chair, believing its still 2016. Maybe what MIBR needs is a new captain. We are not saying that he has to be someone outside of Brazil but the team really needs a new guiding like to get out of the trenches.

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