Reworked Mordekaiser Is On Its Way In League Of Legends!

Reworked Mordekaiser Is On Its Way In League Of Legends!

Riot Games released reworked Mordekaiser this week in the game. Let’s have a comprehensive look into the reworked abilities of the champion.

Passive – Darkness Rise (previously Iron Man)

Riot has completely changed the passive of the hero from the previous one. The ability now deals additional magic damage on attack. Moreover, if you cast at least three for spells or attacks then the new passive will deal damage in an AOE. It will also boost the movement speed of the champion.

Q – Obliterate (currently Mace of Spades)

The old Q ability of Mordekaiser boosted the damage of his next three attacks. But now his Q is completely different. When you use the ability, the champion will hit his mace on the ground, dealing AOE damage. Furthermore, it there is only one enemy champion then Mord will deal more damage.

W – Indestructible (currently Harvesters of Sorrow)

His current W has both active and passive component. The passive enable the champion, to get additional experience from the Minion kills. Meanwhile the active spell binds the champions with his allies and both got additional movement speed. The champions also dealt more magic damage overtime. Lastly the champions were also able to get more life steal from the nearby enemies.

After the rework, the W of the champion, will enable to absorb damage taken and also deal it to the opponents. When you cast the ability for the first time, the champion will be a shield and pressing it twice will also give you an additional health. Yet we are still not clear about the fact that the ability will work in the same way as it did with Tahm Kench’s Thick Skin or it will something new.

E – Death’s Grasp (currently Siphon of Destruction)

The current E of the champion deal magic damage in a radius. He also gains some shield for each enemy champion hit by the ability.

Now, the reworked ability consists of two parts. Firstly, it will have a passive which will the champion some Magic Penetration. Secondly, is the active component which will give rise to a claw that will deal damage to the enemies and also drag them towards Mord. Riot has not revealed that it will be a target ability or an AOE one.

R – Realm of Death (currently Children of the Grave)

His ultimate  currently applies Curse effect to the Dragon as a passive. While the active component targets the enemy champion that is in range of the ability. When the cursed champions/dragon is killed off it follows Mord with reduced stats.

The new reworked version, it will push his enemies into the Death Realm for 1v1 battle. In the Realm, Mord will be able to steal some stats of the enemy if he kills the them. The 1v1 mechanic is something of a new tool implemented in the League of Legends. Lets see how will it work, since we are really not sure when will it arrive into the game.

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