New Apex Legends Bug Lets You Revive Teammates Instantly

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Released back in February, Apex Legends is currently one of the most played battle royale titles in the world. The game’s unique and interesting gameplay is something that helped it with attracting more than 50 million players during its first month. Although the game was and is still loved by almost every other player, it still has some issues that annoy players from time to time.

Apex Legends

One of the biggest issues players have been facing in Apex Legends since its release are bugs. Every month, players discover new bugs and some of them are even game-breaking. In fact, during the first few months, a lot of players stopped playing the game because of such bugs. And now, another bug has appeared on the surface that is letting players revive their downed teammates instantly.

Apex Instant Revive Bug

Recently, on Reddit, an Apex player posted a video in which he showed how he instantly revived his teammate. The video shows a Pathfinder using a phoenix kit to recharge his health and shield. However, during the process, his teammate gets knocked down. Right after he’s done with recharging, he rushes towards his downed ally to revive him. However, as soon as the player pressed the revive button, his teammate got back on his feet. While this is something that seems possible through hacks, it is actually because of a bug.

Instant reviving bug from apexlegends

The thing which is important to note here is that the downed teammate didn’t get properly revived. Although he was back on his feet, he was still not in his proper form. The player claimed that the revived player was able to move and shoot as well but was unable to heal. In addition to this, he was instantly killed after getting shot. This further confirms that this was indeed because of a bug.

Why This Happened

A user commented on the post and tried to explain why this happened. According to him, this basically happens when you’re on the ground a little bit above someone and press the revive key. Afterward, the animation glitches out because the game tries to make you sit down next to your downed teammate but fails due to different ground levels. He even added that in the sate of semi-death, players can’t loot items, use items, or get healed by Lifeline’s drones. In addition to this, if their remaining teammates are downed, then they can say goodbye as well.

Apex Legends

In any case, this bug isn’t useful at all. It basically puts you at a disadvantage. It would be useful if it revived the teammate properly, but the semi-death part is something no one will like. You will be dead in a couple of minutes if you can’t heal, use items, and loot items. In addition to this, you will get eliminated as soon as you get shot. Blizzard Entertainment will also most likely fix this bug in the next update as the post on Reddit is getting a lot of attention.

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