New Burst SMG Leaked In Fortnite

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Last night we welcomed the Fortnite patch 9.10, yet it seems like the satisfaction of the community is not up to mark with the changes. So numerous data-miners spent the night looking up the new patch files for unpublished content and yet to be available cosmetics and items. The data-miners leaked some challenges and skins. Yet the most fascinating thing they dug up was a new Burst SMG.

Since it is leaked and found deep underneath the patch files, no one is sure that we will see this item any time soon. Epic has every right to never introduce is a new weapon or completely change the mechanics of it. We are telling this because we don’t want to put your hopes up for the wrong reasons. The leaks never mean that the item, skin or a challenge will make its way into the future updates.

A third SMG coming to Fortnite?

Yet after all these arguments, it is quite rare to see a model of the items in the files that don’t end up in a future update. In the patch files, apart from the model, you can see that the developer has included its stats as well as classified it as a Vector-type SMG. We will comprehensively give you all the insights we know of this new weapon. We definitely need it, since we have just two Submachine Guns at the moment: Suppressed SMG and Drum Gun.

Occasionally, the community and the players have complained multiple times about the overpowerness of Drum Gun. Yet, we cannot avoid the fact that we have just two SMG weapons. It is the lowest amount of weapons in any category of the game.

It is great to see that Epic is introducing a new weapon in the SMG class. Moreover, making it a Burst type is a good move. A data-miner, ShiinaBR on Twitter was kind enough to reveal the image and the stats. Looking at the model, it looks quite synonymous to the Vector SMG of real life. All of this information strongly suggests that we will see the weapon in the upcoming patch.

Expectations for the Burst SMG

Looking at the provided by the data-miner, we believe that the item will not be so OP. Yet, again it might possibly wreak havoc since it works very in the game. It is good to see Epic making new moves and introducing a burst SMG. Most of their automatic and semi-automatic have made their way to the Vault for being too OP. So the developer is trying to shake things up with the possible introduction of a burst mode in the SMG category.

Let’s see how community welcomes this weapon. We are quite confident that Epic will release it in the next patch. What do you think about the possible new weapon, will it be OP? Or will it be too underpowered to get acknowledged?

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