3 months ago 0 161
Are you tired of cheaters ruining matches? Well then, we have some good news for you. Recently, Overwatch’s ...
4 months ago 0 142
The current stage of the League has reached the halfway mark. So to keep things interesting for the ...
6 months ago 0 167
The new location and dates of the BlizzCon 2019 were recently unveiled by Blizzard Entertainment. The event is ...
7 months ago 0 155
The champion of the first stage has been crowned. In one of the most exciting finals, Vancouver Titans ...
7 months ago 0 141
Overwatch received the 1.34 update a couple of days ago. After nearly a month of testing on the ...
7 months ago 0 155
Blizzard yesterday released patch number of Overwatch loaded with updates. The highlight of the update is the ...
8 months ago 0 160
The League of Legends Continental League recently introduced the first female team at the professional level of LoL. ...
8 months ago 0 154
Love was in the air throughout this Valentine’s day. But how did popular eSports developers celebrate their Valentine’s ...
8 months ago 0 163
The eSports industry is currently boiling out with the latest developments around it. We have seen EA making ...
9 months ago 0 158
Blizzard usually always prepares a cinematic or some type of audiovisual content at the moment of launching a ...
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