Latest Happening in LoL And Overwatch

The League of Legends Continental League recently introduced the first female team at the professional level of LoL. Vaevictis was a revolution and a start of something special for both the LCL and the League of Legends. But the opponents proved to have no mercy, as they defeated the side …


Esports Latest Happenings In A Nutshell

The eSports industry is currently boiling out with the latest developments around it. We have seen EA making entry into the Battle Royale world along with Blizzard scandals roaming around. Let’s follow up with the two most important stories that happened in the eSports world last week. Blizzard Continues to …


Blizzard Takes The Assault Of Overwatch To Paris

Overwatch New Map Paris

Blizzard usually always prepares a cinematic or some type of audiovisual content at the moment of launching a new map. However, Paris has arrived in the Overwatch RPP without any special arrangements. Paris is an Assault map in which we will have to move through the streets of the French …