Next Chapter Of Ashe Is Now Available

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The next chapter of Ashe: Commander is now available. The Riot and Marvel alliance is undoubtedly one of the best things that could happen to lore fans and League of Legends stories. This time Ashe meets an old friend after a great catastrophe and will have to face her fate.

So far the comics offer a delicious and exciting narrative to the story of the ice archer. The story continues to unfold amid multiple dangers and difficulties. The work is written by the Riot Games creator, Odin Austin Shafer. The illustrations are the work of talented Nina Vakueva. Keep in mind, this is the same illustrator nominated as a revelation artist for Russ Manning’s Most Promising Newcomer Award.

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Credits: Riot Games

What will happen in Ashe Commander Volume 3? (Spoilers of previous volumes)

In the first volume, the story began with a young and distrustful Ashe. Her mother, who is the matriarch of the village of Avarosa, was obsessed with finding Avarosa’s throne. A myth that many considered simply a story. Above all, in the comic, there is a frosty priest of her Maalcrom village who always tried to dissuade Ashe from following the footsteps of her mother.

Volume 2 takes us to an unexpected and terrible wave of magic directed by a terrible Draklorn. Draklorn killed the mother of Ashe and several of her sworn companions. The mysterious mission of its persecutors seems to be to take the children away from the ice of ancient history, Avarosa, and Lissandra.

Credits: Riot Games

At the top of a high mountain, Ashe reached the point marked by her mother’s map But when she arrived she found nothing at first sight. On the verge of death, it is revealed that the Draklorn who killed her mother is the same Maalcrom who is about to kill her. Ashe finds the bow of pure ice and manages to defend herself and comes out victorious. Despite her small victory Ashe will have to face loneliness and cold. But in her grief, she will meet an old childhood friend.

Where to Find Volume 3?

Still haven’t read Ashe: Commander Volume 3? What are you waiting for? You can read it for free on the League of Legends Universe page. In Marvel Unlimited with a subscription or in Comixology for 5 dollars. The fourth and final installment of Ashe: Commander will be available next March 20. It will be then when the outcome of the exciting story of the daughter of the ice is known. The month of May 2019 will be the launch of the graphic novel.

Next Chapter of Ashe

Credits: Riot Games

So after we are done with Ashe will we get a comic of another champion? Riot hasn’t made any big announcements but we are waiting. Since this collaboration with Marvel surely has been fruitful. The design of the comics is exceptional while the story is also engaging. We hope that Riot will start a pole for us to vote which champion we want in the next comic.

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