Ninja and Reverse2k Now Hold the Record for Longest Duo Win Streak

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Fortnite fans will be surely excited toknow that Ninja and Reverse2k, two of the most popular Fortnite players, haveset a new record for the longest duo win streak. This happened a day ago whenthe two streamers decided to break the previous record.

Ninja, who is regarded as the most popularFortnite streamer, teamed up with Reverse2k, who is another top Fortniteplayer. The two played a series of matchs in which they used a new strategy,and thanks to it, they were able to set a new world record. Not only this, butthe duo also played amazingly and made it look easy.

Ninja and Reverse2k Set A New Record

For those who don’t know, the previousrecord for the longest duo Fortnite win streak was 43. This means that Ninjaand Reverse2k need to reach 43, something that isn’t an easy task for ordinaryplayers. However, the two managed to surprise every when they smoothly wonevery match. Things did get a little complicated in the last 10 matches, butthe duo managed to handle it.

How Things Went Down

During one of the matches, Ninja wasknocked out because of some connection issues. This left Reverse2k on his ownand everyone thought that this is the end for their record. However, everyonewas surely surprised after Reverse2k took out 4 players to win the match. Thelatter was even low on health and materials, so it was pretty amazing to seehim win.

Another match in which things becamedifficult for the duo was the one in which Reverse2k died in the storm. Alongwith other players, the storm was also a really big threat to the duothroughout the match. However, Ninja still managed to play alone and won thematch after the last two remaining players got eliminated. Other than this, theduo didn’t face any major problems during their matches.

The Strategy

Ninja and Reverse2k used a different kindof strategy and claimed that they were using it for the first time. Theybasically focused on staying low and waited for other players to kill eachother. Prior to this, he claimed that they had an average of around 15 to 30kills per game. However, as two popular streamers were trying to set a newrecord, they were a target of various steam snipers. But they also failed tostop the duo as they tried their best to play cautiously and dodge steamsnipers.

In any case, in the end, the duosuccessfully managed to set a new record by winning 43 matches. Arepresentative from Epic Games even congratulated both players for theirachievement. Now that a new record has been set, it will be exciting to see whois going to try to break it. Maybe Ninja and Reverse2k will try to achieve aneven bigger record. We might even get to see some other players such as Tfuetrying to break the record.

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