Ninja - Pornography scandals sparks outrage

Fans of American streamer and Fortnite player Tyler “Ninja” Blevins united against the Twitch platform due to pornography ads on his former channel. The incident happened on August 11 and caused a heated discussion on the network. We have comprehensive details covering what happened.

After Ninja left for Mixer, Twitch decided to use his channel to promote other streamers. All visitors to Blevins’ page were offered similar content from other authors. On August 11, a Russian-language stream that contained pornography was included in this list of recommended channels. It was spectated by almost 15 thousand viewers. Ninja was not happy about this.

Unhappy Ninja

According to Blevins, he and his team did everything possible to make the transition to the new platform as smooth as possible. He never spoke ill of Twitch, despite some unpleasant experiences. FInally, though, he broke his silence after what happened on his channel. Ninja noted that no other “abandoned” channel is used to promote other streamers, and the situation with the pornography was a direct blow to his reputation and brand.

Ninja’s friends and colleagues recommended he sue Twitch, but Blevins hasn’t decided what to do yet. After the incident, the streamer published an appeal on Twitter, in which he expressed dissatisfaction with the situation and apologized to the fans.

Twitch apologizes

Two hours after Blevins appealed, Twitch removed the list of recommended content authors from his channel. Now, it looks like any other channel once the stream has been shut down. Twitch CEO Emmett Sheer also commented on the situation.

The apology statement from the Twitch CEO did not convince Jessica Blevins, Ninja’s wife, who is also his agent. She believes that the platform is deliberately trying to destroy the streamer’s brand. In particular, she recalled how Twitch co-founder Justin Kahn wrote the phrase, “Rest in Peace,” under the announcement of Ninja switching to Mixer.

On August 1, Ninja announced the signing of an exclusive contract with Mixer. During the first week, more than a million people subscribed to his new channel, and more than 100 thousand viewers watched his first broadcast simultaneously.

Shroud speaks up

Former CS: GO professional player Mike “shroud” Grzesik spoke out about the incident involving the broadcast of pornographic content on Twitch. In his opinion, the scandal will not lead to the mass departure of streamers from the platform.

Shroud believes that they are taking their business elsewhere only because competitors have appeared to challenge the platform. In his opinion, Twitch has not greatly changed its approaches to decision-making, but has grown – because of this, it is discussed more actively across social networks.

What will happen next?

To summarize the situation: On August 11, Twitch was accused of advertising pornography on the page of Tyler Blevins, who left for Mixer. Other channels began to be promoted on his page, one of which broadcast explicit content. Ninja did not like the situation, and later Twitch CEO Emmett Sheer apologized for what happened. We will keep you updated with further details as the situation continues to unfold.

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