Ninja Talks About Why He's Happy About Not Going Pro in Apex Legends

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When Apex Legends was released, players went crazy for it. A total of 25 million players downloaded the game during its first week, and at the end of its first month, the game was being played by more than 50 million players. Everyone was loving it because of the gameplay it featured. Other than players, even streamers stopped streaming other games so they could play the new battle royale title from Respawn.

Ninja Is Happy He Didn’t Go Pro In Apex

One of the streamers who instantly hopped into the game was Tyler ‘Ninja” Blevins. For those who don’t now, Ninja is currently one of the biggest streamers in the world who is well known for playing Fortnite. The streamer started playing Apex as soon as it was released and he was really enjoying it. However, just recently, the latter claimed that he’s happy he didn’t go pro in Apex.

While talking about Apex Legends, Ninja claimed that he was really good at the game and if he had stayed with it, he would’ve been one of the best players of the game. He then went on to say that he’s really happy with his decision of staying with Fortnite as the competitive scene of Apex is really small. He said that there are a decent amount of players involved in it and he does enjoy watching the games, but its competitive scene is still very small.

Dizzy Also Stepped Down

Prior to Ninja, another big name Colby ‘dizzy” Meadows also decided to stop playing Apex Legends as he wanted to focus on other games. During the second week of this month, this player revealed that he will no longer compete at the professional level in Apex Legends. While talking about his decision, dizzy claimed that he dropped everything and focused on Apex Legends when it was released. But now he is facing some personal challenges and really needs to decide what his passion is going to be.

Respawn Is Improving The Competitive Scene

However, unline dizzy, Ninja is more concerned about the competitive scene of Apex Legends. One of his biggest reasons to not go pro in Apex is its small competitive scene. However, Respawn has decided to take the competitive scene of their battle royale title to the next level. Just recently, they have announced a new $3 million Apex Legends Global Series that will begin next year.

Apex Legends

The announcement of the Apex Legends Global Series clearly indicates that the developers are not going to let the competitive scene of Apex Legends die. In fact, they are going to take it to the next level. Apex was released only ten months ago and the developers are already planning to host a $3 million tournament during its birthday month. The game cannot be compared to Fortnite as it was released more than two years ago. Ninja also failed to qualify for the Fortnite World Cup, so he should reconsider what he said about Apex. In any case, we can expect to see even bigger tournaments once the Global Series has ended.

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