OG are the International 2019 Winners

The International 2019 ended on 25th August. OG players won the second TI in a row, becoming the first two-time world champions in the history of the game. OG and Team Liquid reached the grand finals without a single defeat. The only difference is that the former started off in the upper bracket, meanwhile the latter had to go through the lower bracket.

Liquid not good enough 

The grand finale was a display of OG domination. Liquid managed to redeem itself only on the first map. Kuro “KuroKy” Salehi Tahasomi decided to pick a snowballing lineup and began to dictate the pace of the match. Liquid won the early game against Specter but did have its fair share of troubles in the later stage of the game. 

After destroying one lane of barracks, Liquid were torn apart in a teamfight which allowed Specter to get its key items. If it weren’t for the stupid decision of Ana to keep his buyback when Liquid engaged the throne, everything could have ended differently. Nonetheless, we believe that Liquid deserved to win the first game as the EU side successfully countered the turtle tactics of OG. 

Long live the first ever two-time TI champions!

On the next two maps, OG simply went on a rampage, as they won all of their lanes in 15 to 20 minutes. OG players were taking fights everywhere, everytime. N0tail and crew ignored farming creeps and got the gold and experience by demolishing Liquid heroes. OG was so confident in both games that the side continued to dive towers to eliminate Liquid players on the map one by one. 

There was only one way to defeat OG – to play by its rules. Yet their wasn’t a single that at TI that was capable of doing so, including Liquid. This statement was proved in the last map, where Liquid tried to play aggressive in the early game. But at the end Kuro’s side was helpless. Since OG got the hold of the game as soon as Ana’s Io got online and after that quickly ended the series with a 3-1 victory.

Legendary OG

This OG roster is amongst the most legendary teams in the history of Dota along with the 2010 EHOME, 2013 Alliance and others. It really doesn’t matter that they had poor results in the DPC 2018-2019. What matters is that the team won back to back TI titles after training with Ana for a couple of months.

Everyone will either have to wait for some kind of patch that will make it impossible to implement the OG style, or another ana vacation. But the second one will only be a temporary solution. Since, soon as he returns, everyone will again suffer the wrath of this team and just wait for the inevitable defeat. The International 2019 was held from August 15 to 25 in Shanghai. The prize pool of the tournament exceeded $ 34 million, of which OG team received more than $ 15 million.

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