Overwatch 2 Could Feature A Ping System

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BlizzCon 2019 served as the home to many exciting new announcements. Blizzard Entertainment made a lot of important announcements during it and cleared many rumors that came to the surface in the past few months. The biggest announcement was Overwatch 2, something which almost every fan was expecting to see during the event. Even Jeff Kaplan, before making the announcement, claimed that everyone knows what he’s about to say.

Overwatch 2

Overwatch 2 is going to be somewhat similar to the first title but will of course feature some new things. Currently, it is believed that the game is going to feature a ping system. For those who don’t know, the ping system was first introduced in the popular battle royale title from Respawn Entertainment, Apex Legends. The system allows players to communicate with each other, such as letting them know where they are going, where the enemies are, where loot is, etc. This is something that has proved to be really useful in Apex, and it will now make its way to Overwatch 2.

New Ping System?

During BlizzCon, a popular YouTuber who goes by the name Samito got the chance to sit with Jeff Kaplan to interview him. He was testing out the upcoming game while asking some really important questions. In an answer to one of the questions, Kaplan claimed that their lead UI designer, Junho Kim wanted to introduce a ping system in the upcoming game. He event added that they were previously thinking about adding it in Overwatch but stopped because of some reasons.

Kaplan basically revealed that they experimented with something like this in the original Overwatch some time ago. However, they were not happy with the implementation, but the lead UI designer now wants to try it again. If this happens, then Overwatch fans can expect to see a ping system similar to Apex Legends soon. The ping system is going to be really useful in the PvE mode of Overwatch 2. However, we shouldn’t get our hopes high since the feature isn’t “confirmed” to arrive. Kaplan said that they were conduct experiments, but they are not sure whether it will arrive or not.

Will It Arrive For Both Games?

Fans are also wondering whether the ping system will get added in both games or not. However, considering both titles are going to feature a shared multiplayer space, they will most likely implement it in both of them. Only time will tell what the developers have in mind for us. Let’s just hope that the experiments go well so that the feature arrives.

At the moment, it is yet to be revealed when Overwatch 2 is going to arrive. Although the developers haven’t provided any official release date for it, we can expect it to release some time during the end of 2020. The game is currently confirmed to feature new modes, new story missions, new heroes, and much more.

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