Overwatch 2 Will Have Bigger Maps Than The Prequel

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BlizzCon 2019 was really amazing. The event served as a platform for many major announcements, even Overwatch 2. However, almost everyone knew that Overwatch 2 would get announced during the event because rumors and leaks about it started surfacing weeks before it. And even before announcing the game, the developer Jeff Kaplan claimed that everyone knows what he is about to say. And now, one of the game’s assistant directors has revealed some new exciting information about it.

Overwatch 2

Aaron Keller Talks About The Maps

Recently, Aaron Keller decided to talk about what fans can expect from Overwatch 2. The game is going to take place in uncharted territory, and players will get to enjoy some brand new maps. These maps will be based on major locations such as Toronto and Rio De Janeiro. However, players will be excited to know that these maps are going to be way bigger than the prequel. That’s right, Keller claimed that both maps will be “huge.”

Michael Shu Discusses Overwatch 2’s Storytelling

Keller was discussing all of this during an interview for the PlayStation Blog where lead writer Michael Chu was also present. While talking about the story of the game, Michael claimed that storytelling is going to be an integral part of Overwatch 2. The game is currently focusing on its PvE story experience, through which players will get to know more about the Overwatch universe. The lead writer also revealed that the campaign of Overwatch 2 is going to have multiple story missions, and the overall story will have a beginning, middle, and end.

Overwatch 2

As the story experience is going to be an important part of the upcoming game, maps will play an integral role in the story. And while talking about the maps of Overwatch 2, Aaron Keller claimed that they are going to be 2X larger than regular Overwatch maps. He further added that the maps are now much more advanced than before as they will now feature dynamic weather, lightning, explosions, and more. The developers are basically thinking about the maps as another character that will help with Overwatch 2’s storytelling.

First Look At The Maps

Blizzard Entertainment has already given us our first look at the new maps of Overwatch 2. During BlizzCon, an announcement trailer for Overwatch 2 was featured through which it was revealed that one of the story missions is going to be set in Rio De Janeiro. For those who don’t know, Rio De Janerio is the home of DJ Lucio, and the mission will most likely focus on the hero’s background. After Rio, the players will get to experience more action in other locations including Toronto, Monte Carlo, and Gothenburg.

In any case, this new information is surely going to leave a lot of players excited. Overwatch players already love the way their maps are designed, and now they will get to experience more action in much bigger maps. Blizzard might make some more changes to the maps before releasing the final game.

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