Overwatch betting tips and guide

How to be successful in Overwatch Betting? We give valuable tips on how to best place bets.

overwatch betting

In May 2016, game maker Blizzard Entertainment released its latest product, Overwatch. Since then, the hero shooter has been well received by fans and betting providers. Overwatch Esports has long since arrived at well-known bookmakers such as William Hill, Betway, bet 365 and 10bet. It is slowly establishing itself in their eSports betting section. As with many other electronic sports, the attraction is not only to place the bets, but also to track them live. Almost all tournaments are broadcast via Livestream on various platforms and social networks. This gives the Overwatch Esports bets a whole new dimension: the betting enthusiasts can be up close with their idols and cheer next to the live broadcast at a bookmaker bet.

The start of the new eSports

The hero shooter is another star from Blizzard Entertainment. Overwatch is considered a mixture of the two known genres MOBA (Dota2 and LOL) and FPS (CS: GO). It is also played in different teams, where it is about to decide the fight for themselves. There is a total of 25 hero characters with specific abilities to choose from. The Overwatch Esports teams consist of six players each. The setting of the scenery is a futuristic world in which robots (so-called omnics) and humans live together. But the world is shaken by terrorism. In order to stop this terror, elite troops are sent to bring peace back to the world. Meanwhile, more and more teams are forming and getting engaged in the Overwatch Esports and participating in numerous tournaments.

Get to know the scene live

There are now numerous ways to experience Overwatch live. On the one hand, many bookmakers offer live streams for the respective events. Another alternative is also various platforms for electronic sports. Sports channels such as Sky, Sport 1 or Kicker now not only offer Overwatch Esport News but also live broadcasts of major competitions. Some bookmakers have also discovered the live images for themselves. For individual events, livestreams are offered in addition to the bets. In order to be able to look at these, the customers only have to log in to the bookmaker. Although the supply of livestreams in the esport sector is still somewhat lower than in conventional sports betting, thanks to growing popularity, this will certainly change in the coming years. As an alternative to the bookmakers or other platforms, numerous transmissions are made available directly through the sites of the tournament organizers.

Get to Know Through Twitch

On Twitch.tv not only passionate players but also betting fans get the opportunity to experience current encounters from Overwatch live. The portal specializes in live streams around electronic sports. Different channels are offered here, so that is suitable for every Esports fan. The trick is that not only live events but also game reports or tutorials are provided. In this way, users can follow the teams live on their Overwatch Esports betting and also learn about the game. To be able to use the service of Twitch, only registration is necessary.

A little tip: In the best events, numerous professionals and analysts in the streams comment on the gameplay. If you listen carefully, you can derive betting tips.

Types of events

Blizzard Entertainment itself hosts many popular Overwatch Esports events which as listed as under.

  • Overwatch World Cup
  • Overwatch League
  • APEX
  • Overwatch Contenders

The above-mentioned events feature top of the teams in the world competing for the ultimate prize pool and glory. Most importantly, people get the know the basics of Overwatch Esports as it sometimes gets confusing for the newcomers to learn the game from scratch all by themselves. Therefore, it is a wise decision to follow the competitive scene as much as you can in order to make yourself in such a position that you are able to predict the outcome of the game at any point of the time.

How Pros Play the Game

Overwatch is divided into three modes. During a live match, the teams play on different maps with six players each. The following modes are available:

Control: The point here is for the teams to take control of given points on the respective map. If they do not succeed, the other team wins. The goal is also to hold the points.

Assault: The Assault maps have two points that the teams must conquer. In doing so, they have to be tactically clever, because the second point can only be conquered when the first one is in power. Of course, the conquest is not so easy, because the opposing team tries to prevent this. Especially at the live events, this mode provides tension.

Know the Heroes

Like any other Esports game, heroes play the most important role. They are divided into different categories. Each hero has specific characteristics that can be crucial within a game. Therefore, it is important at the beginning of the game that the characters are selected wisely. Divided are the heroes as follows:

Offensive: The offensive characters can cause great damage to the opponents. Their own weakness is that they can take less incoming attacks.
Defensive: The defensive characters are less attacking, but have good defensive abilities. It’s a great way to protect your team from attacks.

Tanks: These characters are usually in the front row of the team fight and soak up the damage for their team. They are there to steal the first impacts of the opposing team. Their offensive powers, on the other hand, are limited.

Support: The healers are the main characters in Overwatch’s support category. Their strength is to support the team from behind.

Know the betting offers & Competitions

Not all bookmakers have already included bets for the Overwatch games in their repertoire. Reason enough to ask the question: Who offers Overwatch Esports bets? Well-known providers include bet365, Betway, William Hill and more. There is a steadily increasing number of different teams who are professionally involved in the game. Especially in big competitions, it is possible that the underdog triumphs over the favorite. Since the game is still relatively new to the market, the betting offers and quotas are so far restrained. Generally, conventional bets are offered on winning a match or even the tournament. Special bets or handicaps, however, are rare.

In 2016, Overwatch was one of the game’s most popular games, with over 25 million players. In the first week alone, the game generated over $ 270 million in revenue. A Game of the Year Award goes without saying! Blizzard discovered the eSports segment very early on.

Many of the new games over the last three years have been designed specifically for competitive modes. Whether it’s the digital card game Hearthstone, Speedruns on Mythic Dungeons in WoW or the new mix of first-person shooter and RPG group game on Overwatch, the game maker knows exactly what players stand for. Due to the years of experience with previous titles (World of Warcraft, Starcraft), Blizzard’s games could become one of the most important elements of modern eSports in the coming years. Overwatch is usually integrated as a separate category in the major competitions of the eSports scene.

Be successful in Overwatch Betting

In order to place the bets on the new game successfully, the selection of a good bookmaker is necessary. On the other hand, a little foreknowledge. We give valuable tips on how to best place bets. Of course, there is no guarantee of success, because betting is gambling, but the chance of a win can increase significantly with some prudence. With various betting strategies and a bit of luck, a high credit can be earned, which is then available for payment. The most important characteristic of successful tippers is discipline. Thus, a lost bet should by no means be an incentive to risk an even higher bet. Rather, it is advisable to analyze your own mistakes.

Odds Comparison

Not all bookmakers have identical quotes. Therefore, it is important to find the best odds before a bet. For an adequate quota comparison, the same event should be checked. Which bookmakers have the best deals? Quotas often differ only by a few points. Measured against the use of 100 euros, this can make up a few euros difference in the event of a win. Helpful in comparison is a quota calculator, as provided by some bookmakers and alternative portals for free. This allows quotas to be multiplied by the bets and to calculate the possible winnings. In addition, the quota calculator provides information about what each team’s chances of winning can look like. A comparison website can also help you find the best odds.

Availing the bonus

Extra money is always a nice thing. Many bookmakers offer their new customers a bonus when registering and making their first deposit. This usually amounts to 100 percent of the deposit. If this bonus can also be used for electronic sports, it can bring many benefits. The own money reserves are spared, besides the bonus for higher bets and possibly higher profits can be used. The bonus, however, should be noted that has to be implemented according to the bonus conditions. Some bookmakers set a time slot. If players fail to release the bonus within that time, they will forfeit. In this case, the stakes in electronic sports would have brought nothing.

Bookmaker Knowledge

In the Overwatch bets, it is necessary to obtain media information before submitting the bet. This gives the players a knowledge edge and can avoid nasty surprises. For example, is a team weakened by the loss of an important player? Have the teams ever competed against each other? All of these Overwatch Esports news can be important to get the best bet possible. Some bookmakers offer free information in the form of statistics. Here are some parameters to the teams, the members and the tournament read. Popular channels like Sky and ESPN broadcast the latest news about electronic sports every day and are always up to date with Overwatch. Also, Esports news sites are not uncommon in the net and can be used as an ideal source of information. If you want to watch Overwatch live, Twitch gives you the chance to get some insight into the teams.

Selection of right bookmaker

The selection of bookmakers on the market is now very large. Many of them are licensed within the EU, some outside. Generally, we recommend betting at licensed providers. Why? In order to obtain the license, the bookmakers have to meet different requirements. It also includes providing transparent and free of charge information about the bookmaker, betting or odds. For this reason, many refrains from this information. Anyone interested in Overwatch Esports tips would like to get as much information as possible. Lacking these, it often proves difficult to estimate the bookmakers and build a bond of trust. In our experience, there are enough licensed vendors offering a large repertoire of electronic sports. Look below for a recommended betting sites.


Before its release, Overwatch was criticized by many. Meanwhile, a huge fan base has formed and the tournaments shoot out like mushrooms from the ground. Other Overwatch Esports teams have been formed, providing even more participants in major tournaments. Due to the rapidly increasing number of events in 2019, fans and promoters can fall back on more and more betting opportunities. As a result, a bookmaker comparison is recommended before signing up.

In order to be able to start with higher credit, a comparison of sports betting bonus should be made at the same time. Especially at the beginning newcomers in the betting area make some mistakes. Therefore, a bonus makes it easier to get over them. Of course, you should already pay attention to which Overwatch Esports betting opportunities are offered to play more than just the winning bet. An informed tipster, with the right tips and a bit of luck, can skate properly if he/she taps on underdogs who think he has a chance of winning.

Overwatch Betting FAQ

How to bet on Overwatch?

Betting on Overwatch is very simple. After creating an account you just place a bet. eSports-Betting.io compares the best odds for you to get most out of your bets.

How to compare Overwatch odds?

Select the game you are interested in and click Compare Odds. When you find odds you are pleased then go ahead and place the bet.

Can I bet on Overwatch with mobile phone?

Yes. Now all sites provides mobile resistant sites so you can easily place a esports bets with your mobile phone.

How to deposit funds on my Overwatch betting account?

On the top of the betting site you can register and create an account. After you have logged in you can top up your players account with funds. Betting sites accepts the most common ways to pay in internet such as PayPal, Skrill, Neteller, Visa, MasterCard, Webmoney, Qiwi, Paysafecard, EcoPayz and most places accepts Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Monero and other used coins.