Overwatch: Blizzard Is Planning To Add Mini Games For Long Queues

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In multiplayer games, players always get frustrated while waiting for a match to start. They have to wait in long queues and this is an issue in almost every other online game. The same can be said for Overwatch as players have complained about the same happening in it. There can be times when players have to sit and look at their screen for minutes before the match starts. However, it seems like Blizzard has now decided to come up with a solution to overcome this problem.

Jeff Kaplan Talks About Future Content

At this year’s BlizzCon’s, Overwatch’s director Jeff Kaplan decided to talk about what fans can expect to see in the game in the future. During the “What’s Next” panel at the event, Kaplan talked about how players will be able to play different modes while they wait for the match to start. The developers are basically planning to add some ways so that players can “kill time.”  This will also include adding a new deathmatch mode that is being designed especially for the long queues.


What Will Happen

While talking about this, Kaplan even said that they are going to allow players to go to the training room while they wait for the match to begin. And the further confirmed that they are going to let players play a new deathmatch mode that is just being added for the situation. Players will also get the luxury to boot up custom games and open the Overwatch workshop as they wait. Previously, none of this was allowed.

At the moment, Blizzard hasn’t revealed exactly when this feature is going to arrive. Kaplan claimed that it is going to arrive “very soon” and you can expect to see it in the next update. However, it doesn’t arrive with the next update, then you will surely get to see it in a few months. Blizzard isn’t the kind of developer that likes to keep its fans waiting.

The Current Long Queue Problem

For those who don’t know, players can’t even enter the practice range while waiting for a match to start since the range is locked. Players only have the option to view replays and browse the hero gallery, and this is something that can leave a player bored quickly. In short, players don’t have much do in this situation. Long queue times became a big problem in Overwatch after the role queue system was added to the game. This system allows players to select one role, and the game will match them with the team based on their choice. However, as a result, the waiting time increased.


In any case, it is great to see that Blizzard is doing something about this issue soon. It will be without any doubt, fun to play mini-games while waiting for a match to start. This will also prevent players from getting frustrated. And in the future, Blizzard might decide to add some more modes to make this feature even better.

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