Overwatch: How Big Is Its Play Base?

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Overwatch was released around three years ago, on May 24, 2016. The game became really popular shortly after its released, and Blizzard Entertainment has managed to generate around $1 billion through it. It was praised for its enjoyable gameplay and is regarded as one of the greatest video games of all time. Even though the game was released more than three years ago and a sequel for it is on the way, the game is still going strong and is one of the most popular esports titles out there.

Next year, the Overwatch League will begin once again and fans will get the chance to see their favorite teams compete live. However, although it is a really popular esports title, fans are still wondering how many players are playing it.


After a few months, Blizzard Entertainment provided an update to its fans to let them know about the playerbase of Overwatch. However, they have always remained shy as to the exact number of players. Fortunately, during this year’s BlizzCon that was held a few days ago, Overwatch’s lead director Jeff Kaplan decided to talk about the current playerbase of the game.

Overwatch’s Current Playerbase

While he didn’t provide an exact number of players, Kaplan gave us a rough estimate of the current playerbase of the game. He talked about this while letting players know how their progress is going to carry over to Overwatch 2. “We want to make sure that all Overwatch cosmetics come forward with you into Overwatch 2, so all of your progress matters.” He continued, “Nothing’s getting left behind. No one’s getting left behind.” Kaplan then added that they have worked so hard to build a community of over “50 million players” and that the last thing they would ever do is to split this community.


Now what Kaplan said has again not revealed the exact player count of Overwatch. Some think that he is referring to the fact that 50 million copies of the game have been sold, while others think that Overwatch has 50 million active players. However, this again is confusing since back in May 2018, it was revealed that there are a total of 40 million active players. And after a few months, in August 2018, that number dropped down to 37 million players.

The Game Is Still Strong

The thing which we need to understand here is that Overwatch isn’t a dead game and it is still going strong. Blizzard has made a lot of money from it and still is. Fans all over the world are interested in the Overwatch League, and the game still contributes to esports a lot. And now that the developers have decided to release a sequel for it, the series sure has a bright future.

Overwatch 2 was revealed during the opening ceremony of BlizzCon 2019. Blizzard gave fans an overview of the game about what they can expect to see in it. Jeff Kaplan claimed that fans don’t have to worry about their skin collections and accomplishments as they will be carried over to the sequel.

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