Overwatch - How to Get League Tokens?

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The players who play Overwatch prefer to play the game due to its various unique benefits and features. There are so many things included in this game, but players usually prefer to think about how to get league tokens. League tokens have their importance as it helps players to get various items and able to defeat the enemies too. It can be considered as one of the major currency of the game.

Players can get league tokens very easily if they prefer to pay proper attention to the information below. Each and every player of the game needs to know about the various aspects of the game because every player is equal while playing the game. When a player needs to provide a unique outfit or appearance to the hero, then at that moment, they require the league tokens. It would help if you were careful before opting for playing any game and should try to learn the necessary elements of the game.

Overwatch - How to Get League Tokens

The below information will help you to know how to get league tokens and also helps you to know how it works. You should try to be attentive while reading the entire information.

Ways to Get Tokens

  • Along with enjoying watching the Overwatch League matches, you can able to earn various league tokens. The more you watch the league matches, the more you will receive the tokens. It will help you to increase the number of tokens you already have. When you prefer to watch the league matches, you are rewarded with the tokens after completing the match.
  • If you watch league matches continuously for an hour, then you will get three tokens. If you watch the league matches on YouTube, you will not be able to get the free tokens you have to purchase. You can prefer to watch these matches on the Twitch platform where you will able to receive free tokens.

How Does It Work?

  • When you prefer to watch league matches, then your viewing time gets tracked continuously. If you watch for 30 minutes and add more 30 minutes into it, then you will get rewards.
  • You will get the credit of that extra time that you have invested in watching the matches of Overwatch.
  • The viewing time will only be occurred on the live matches, not on offline matches, and it will only be shown on the mobile apps.
  • You will able to receive the league tokens only on the Battle.net account after completing an hour of viewing.
  • League tokens can be used on platforms such as PC, PS4, and Xbox One, Android, iOS, and Nintendo Switch.

Final Verdict

The above information can help you to know how to get Overwatch league tokens and also helps you to know how it works. It can help you to enhance your knowledge about two different aspects related to the game. You should try to be entirely attentive if you are curious about the league tokens and its working.

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