Latest updates to stage three of the Overwatch League

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The current stage of the League has reached the halfway mark. So to keep things interesting for the next season, the developers have unveiled some exciting features for stage three.

The developers have introduced a new map pool. They have also made some acceptable changes to the schedule and also unveiled the new replay features. On 5th June, the Blizzard published comprehensive details for the next stage.

Map pool

The newly introduced map pool is a good change to the less aggressive maps of the previous stage. The escort map pool will pave the way for Havana. Havana has never been played before in the competitive landscape, so we will have to wait and see the new meta that will rise in the next few weeks. The spectating audience should prepare itself for interesting picks as the teams will need time figure which composition will work on the new map.

The Control map pool we see the return of llios. It was quite popular back in the day since the players loved to get kills on it. The developers have kept Paris in the Assault Map pool. This means that the “bunker” lineup will be making decent number of appearances in the next stages. The core elements of the lineup are Baptiste, Orisa and Bastion. Eichenwalde is also coming back in the pool so we will get triple-triple composition in game.

Schedule shuffling

For the next stage of the Overwatch is making some changes to the schedules to make way for the Match of the week. In the last two stages, each week we get one game that the the developers thought was the most exciting and thrilling game of the week. These games usually followed an arbitrary timelines so to fix the for the next phase. The developers decided that the match of the week will be contested on 2pm CT each Sunday.

New patch

The Patch 1.36 will inaugurate the stage three of the season. It will come will some bug fixes and minor changes. Previously, the developers posted on the site that we will get stage three with Patch 1.37, which is also currently being tested on the PTR server. We might get 1.37 later on in the season it will have a big impact on the previously mentioned team compositions. As it will introduce change to McCree and D.Va.

Play it again

For quite a while the fans wanted the developers to introduce replay feature from a different perspective. Their wish will be granted soon enough, since a new replay system is currently under development on the PTR. So we might get it in a few weeks.

The Fans will be able to replay any pro game anytime they want. But you can only watch games that played in the last week. So let’s see how will these changes workout in the next stage of the tournament.

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