Overwatch: New Cheating Detection System Introduced in Developer Update

Are you tired of cheaters ruining matches? Well then, we have some good news for you. Recently, Overwatch’s director, Jeff Kaplan, has decided to give fans an update regarding how they handle cheaters. The latest updates include improved detection for cheating, and these are currently live on the Public Test Realm. So, if you’re someone who uses cheats, things are now going to become considerably more difficult for you.

New Cheating Detection System in Overwatch

The new system is basically going to change how cheat detection works in Overwatch. According to the developer update, the system will automatically shut down a match if it detects any cheating. The best thing about this is that no one from either team will be penalized for the match being shut down. The new cheating detection system is already live on the PTR, and players have been busy posting screenshots regarding how well it is working.

As revealed through a screenshot posted by a player on Reddit, a message appears on the screen whenever cheating is detected. The message claims that cheating was detected and states that a player has been banned because of it. In addition to this, the message further confirms that no win or loss is recorded for either team. Almost every Overwatch competitive player will be relieved to see this, as it means they no longer have to worry about losing any SR points because of cheating. This was something that had bothered many players for a long time.

Cheating Methods Used by Players

At the moment, there are various methods that are used by players who cheat. The most common and widely used third-party mod is aimbot, something that allows players to land every shot on their opponent with every click. Not only this, but it also helps them hit accurate headshots. In addition to this, players also use wall hacks, through which they are able to discover the locations of their opponents regardless of terrain. There are, however, many other methods available out there that can help players cheat in their matches.

The Struggle with Cheaters 

Cheaters have ruined many online games. Some popular battle royale titles, such as Apex Legends and PUBG, are also currently struggling with cheaters. The developers of Apex Legends have banned more than 770,000 accounts who were found to be cheating. Nonetheless, this has not stopped more cheaters from appearing. They are even discovering new methods to evade detection as scrutiny increases.

Overwatch players can expect to see more developer updates in the coming weeks. At the moment, we don’t know when the new cheat-detection system will be made available on the actual Overwatch servers. However, we can expect it to arrive very soon. The PTR is going to help developers check whether this new system is actually working properly or not. In any case, this is likely going to improve the gameplay experience for a lot of players. 

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